Sunday 16 December 2018

Sunday, 16-12-18

Good morning.
Another good day yesterday - and by that I mean tasty food, no picking, not expensive!

Today's plans:
B:  porridge with fruit and yogurt
It's the weather for porridge at the moment, isn't it?
SW:  healthy extra B for the oats and half a healthy extra A for the milk

L:  spicy lentil and tomato soup.
Not that spicy really as I'm hoping Mum will have some, just a chilli tickle on the tongue, but tasty all the same.  And frugal, depending on what sort of chopped tomatoes you use.  It's incredible to think that you can pay over a pound for a can of chopped tomatoes!
SW:  free

D:  slow roast pork steak, roasties, parsnips and peas; yogurt
SW:  as the steaks are very lean, this is all free apart from the yogurt which will be one syn.

I must plan meals for the rest of the week.  At group last week I treated myself to the SW Fakeaway recipe book and I might try a few of them.  The spicy Mexican bean burgers look good, as do the zesty turkey kebabs and the tandoori chicken.  Spoilt for choice really!                                   

On Thursday it is a taster evening so I need to think what I will take.  Something chicken-y and spicy, maybe.  What do you think?


  1. Morning Joy. Is this for SW? Those little spicy bites of chicken you did for your girls lunch last week, maybe?

    1. Yes, for SW. A great idea, thanks - maybe I could do different marinades - perhaps five spice and soy, cajun, salt and pepper, and something Indian. I must dig up some spice mix recipes and see what can find.

  2. The cook books are very hood for both SW & WW. I love the taster days as you get a chance to try things you perhaps wouldn't.

  3. I've always used the Basics chopped tomatoes but I've noticed they're gradually creeping up in price. Still cheaper than the brands though xxx

  4. I agree, Tania - some excellent recipes and very helpful.

    Everything is shooting up in price, isn't it, Ali? Even things that were so cheap, like canned potatoes, no longer are. Quite discouraging really and it must be a real worry for some.