Monday 24 December 2018

Monday, 24-12-18

Good morning and Happy Christmas Eve to you all!

My first Christmas Day is over and the second one is coming up tomorrow.  In between is a day of calm and peace and I'm applying that to my food as well as whatever else I get up to!

I have to say, the turkey is delicious.  I say 'is' because there's an awful lot left over.  On Wednesday, I will be extremely busy dealing with it all.  Apart from that and the deliberate over-provision of stuffing (no point making it twice), I got the veg and roasties just about right.

And an expensive turkey turns out much better value (for me) once you take family donations into account - not requested but very welcome, nonetheless, as well as the many meals I'm going to get out of it.

Here's today's simple, SW-happy plans.  I'm not fussing too much about healthy extras for a few days, if I have them, I have them, but will be back on a proper plan on Thursday.

B:  yogurt, fresh fruit
The last meal at my parents' home before setting off home.
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

L:  probably turkey and veg soup - a favourite of mine
SW:  free

D:  cheesy turkey pasta; side salad; fruit
I shall do my usual trick of melting dairylea light into cooked pasta and then mixing it with some veg and turkey.
SW:  the cheese will be my healthy extra A

Ss:  NONE!!!  Definitely none.  Well, maybe a few baby oranges but nothing else.

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