Friday 18 September 2020

Friday, 18-09-20

 Good morning!
After shoving some portions of chilli con carne in the freezer yesterday, I realised that it's getting rather full again so net week is going to be an 'eat from my freezer' week as much as possible.
I also seem to have rather too many wraps so . . .

I gained half a pound at yesterday's weigh in.  That's fine, I'm still below target and that's how it's going to be and why SW 'allows' 3 lbs either side of target.  More than that and you have to start painting for sessions again.  That's pretty much a leeway of half a stone which, to me, seems sensible.
I haven't abandoned my plan to lose more by Christmas.  There's pretty much thirteen weeks left so, at half a pound a week off, I'll still be there with time to spare and anyway, if I don't, no stress.  Still being able to go to group, weigh and take part is very helpful.

For those who are interested, the kiwi cure worked, thankfully.  However, unlike the last time which is decades ago now, there were no - er - explosions or discomfort so I reckon my system now tolerates them much more happily and therefore kiwis are back on the menu again.  They are delicious so I'm glad.

Yesterday's food
Breakfast was just some natural yogurt with some raspberry flavour plus fruit.  No photo.

As you can see, adding Primula light to the lunchtime soup still produced a split effect although nowhere near as much as the Laughing Cow triangles.
There's one portion of soup left so next time I will try Philly light and see.

It doesn't spoil the taste at all, just looks slightly odd.
Lovely plaice and chips for dinner!  Where's the speed?  Well, I spent quite a lot of the day processing tomatoes and a fair number found their way into my mouth so I didn't feel like any more.

Today's food plans:

B:  pancakes or waffles with fruit and yogurt
A favourite breakfast and I am going to enjoy this very much.  I think I will use a toffee mullerlight and also something caramelly in the skinny syrup line to make the pancakes/waffles.
SW:  half a syn for the mullerlight and one healthy extra B for the flour 

L:  fish finger salad wrap; fruit
I haven't had this for ages and ages but I remember how lovely it tasted.  It's basically a couple of fish fingers, some choppy salad, mayo and a wrap and you cook the fish fingers, spread mayo the wrap, load it with the salad and fish fingers and roll it up.  Tasty!
SW:  four syns for two fish fingers and one syn for 30g super light mayo, one healthy extra B for the wrap

D:  chilli con carne, rice; fruit
I'll be at dad's and am taking some of the chilli with me, some for our dinner and some to go into his freezer
SW:  half a syn for some oil I used, one healthy extra A for some grated cheese and the rest is all free

Body Magic:  An early swim

One healthy extra A and two Bs
six syns

I'll be eating this weekend's meals with my Dad so, most likely, no photos.  I'll try to post about what I have but, if not, I'll definitely be back on Monday.


  1. Hello Joy, youre still doing well there. I did go back on Tuesday night and had gained 1 1/2 lb since I stopped 2 months ago (and of course with some flip flops on). I'm feeling good about things now and am trying v hard not to jump on my scales every 5 minutes which is possibly my worst habit. Ok so far, not once since weigh in. Hope it's making me be more careful with the syns. And have offered to do pay next week as Sarah is on holiday, meals planned and writing everything down. So feeling in the groove - I think. Have a lovely weekend with your Dad. x

    1. Honestly, I think that's something to be pleased about. Not much at all, so well done. I'm glad you feel good about it, I would too.
      Feeling in the groove is great. Sending you positive vibes for the week ahead.