Monday 21 September 2020

Monday, 21-09-20 - Eat From The Freezer

 Good morning

After a bit more indulgence yesterday, it's back on the wagon today, good and proper.

This week (and maybe next week as well) is going to have an Eat From The Freezer theme.  I have so much in the freezers and, because of all the tomato harvesting, I'm running out of space.  Also, thye need defrosting and it's a lot easier when there's less food in them.

Today's plans are:
B:  fruity pancakes
As always, same recipe, using fruit from the freezer
SW:  one healthy extra B and half a syn if I use a Mullerlight

L:  tuna salad wrap with finger salad; apples
I ummed and ahed about making an egg wrap but decided to stick with the eat from the freezer where there are way too many wraps for comfort.  Yes, it's another healthy extra B but the calories are about the same.
SW:  one B, one syn for super light mayo

D:  sweet and sour chicken, protein rice, green beans; kvarg
This is a recipe I found on You Tube, here.  Eat Skinny Live is quite a useful channel with SW friendly recipes that are not too complicated, don't use too many ingredients, are generally likeable and pretty adaptable.
I will adapt this as I don't want skewers, spray frying the onion and the red pepper and having it with some protein rice and some dwarf green beans from the allotment where they are growing very well at present.  The chicken and the pineapple are both from the freezer and I will eat the picking of beans so they don't need to go in the freezer!
SW:  the protein rice is one syn and the rest of the main appears to be free.  Half a syn for the kvarg

Body Magic:  I'm not sure as when I get home, I will be quite busy.  I do need to plant out some bulbs so maybe that will have to be it.

no healthy extra As but two Bs
three syns


  1. I am eating from the freezer too this week. The outdoor freezer died last week with a lot of waste (thankfully I was at work so don't know exactly what got thrown away), so I feel it's time to empty and defrost the kitchen freezer and see if we could manage quite happily with only one. No allotment tomatoes to freeze this year, just cabbage and I will grate the glut of courgettes in portions.

  2. Oops. Posted too soon! Pasta bake and garlic bread tonight (frozen Bolognese), baking some smoked haddock in milk for kedgeree. Tomorrow is chicken and chickpea curry from The Curry Guy Light book. I made the sauce and froze it over lockdown, chicken breasts also from freezer.

  3. It's all very satisfying and satisfactory, isn't it, both preserving the results of earlier hard work and also eating it, whether fresh or later. I love it.
    Such a nuisance about the freezer though! I'm sure that, once I get properly sorted out, I could happily manage with one freezer but I've never really been organised enough to try, not in recent years, I mean.
    Oh well, like the elephant, one bite at a time. Good luck with all your plans. xx