Thursday 17 September 2020

Thursday, 17-09-20

 Good morning.
It's SW meeting this evening.  I hesitate to say much because whenever I say I know I've gained I seem to maintain or lose but after Monday's alcohol fest . . .  well, we will see.

Yesterday's food photos are . . .

I love a good old egg and bacon sandwich and this went down a real treat!
Apologies for the odd light - there were very strong shadows.

The spicy chicken meatballs were really tasty and very filling with a drizzle of mayo over.
Basically, they are chicken mince, a spicy mix of some kind and some grated/finely chopped veg, as simple as that.  I spray and bake them.

The 'carbonara' worked out very nicely although, of course, I adapted.  Instead of triangles and fromage frais, I used bits and bobs that needed using up - a tiny bit of philly light, some primula light and some quark with grared Italian hard cheese from the freezer and I also added green beans and courgette slices.  I used protein noodles instead of spaghetti too
It really was tasty, whatever it sounds and looks like.  Very enjoyable.

Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and fruit
Nice and light on weigh in day.  One of the pieces of fruit may well be a medicinal kiwi!  :-)
SW:  half a syn for the mullerlight yogurt
200 calories, more or less

L:  tomato and red pepper soup; apple and pear
This is from the freezer and this time I will try adding some primula light instead and see if that is more stable.
The allotment pears are now pretty much ready to eat and are very tasty indeed.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for the soft cheese
around 300 calories

D:  breaded plaice fillet, SW friendly chips, tomatoes (probably); kvarg or yogurt
Just what it says on the label really.  Plaice is a great favourite and I haven't had it for simply ages.
SW:  eight syns for the fish, two syns for a tsp oil and half a syn for the dessert
around 640 calories

Body Magic:  an early swim

half a healthy extra A
11 syns (the fish carries a shedload of them)
around 1140 calories


  1. Some tasty looking meals there Joy. Do you find the kiwi 'works'? Figs 'do it' for me.

    1. I haven't had any for ages as they used to have an unfortunate side effect. I'm hoping. I'd forgotten how delicious they are, to be honest.