Saturday 19 September 2020

Saturday, 19-09-20

 Good morning!

Yesterday's meal photos:

Breakfast was lovely.  The ingredients were 40g wholemeal SR flour, one egg, a toffee Mullerlight, two capfuls of chocolate caramel skinny syrup, a quarter tsp of baking powder, one kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced, one orange, peeled and segmented and a drizzle of choc shot.

Mix the flour, egg, half the Mullerlight, the syrup and the baking powder and 'waffleate' it however you usually make waffles (or make pancakes instead).  Serve with the rest of the yogurt, the orange, kiwi and choc shot.
Simply delicious.

This was also so good.  Fish finger salad wrap with some nibbly salad on the side.
How could I have gone so long without making this?
No explanation/recipe needed and I simply cooked the fish fingers in the oven.

Dinner was the chilli con carne, eaten with Dad and very much enjoyed.  There's now four portions, two with rice and two without, in his freezer as well as the four portions at home - it certainly made 500g mince go a long way!

Today's meal plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt or kvarg
I brought several apples from the allotment with me and Dad has fruit too so I am spoilt for choice
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt or kvarg

L:  home made tomato soup, bread to dunk; fruit
I popped into the allotment on the way over to Dad's and came out with a bagful of tomatoes among other things so I will use that to make some tomato soup for me and Dad for lunch.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the bread.  I think the rest will be free or speed/free

Afternoon snack:  three mini babybel lights
I don't usually now but I will probably need a shack between lunch and dinner as I'm not keeping to restricted eating times this weekend.
SW:  one healthy extra A

D:  fish, chips and peas; kvarg or yogurt
I know I had this two nights ago but Dad requested it and I'm always happy to have it.
SW:  the fish will be around eight syns and I'm not sure about whatever chips Dad has in the freezer.  Mayo will be around one syn and half a syn for the dessert.

Body Magic:  probably a walk - I might take a trip to the garden centre to see what, if anything, they've got.

There's no point in doing a summary as there's too many variables but, even if the evening chips are a bit synful, I should be OK today.


  1. Morning Joy, what a lovely day's eating yesterday, and again today. Bet your dad is so pleased to have you making meals for him, and especially leaving some in his freezer. And yes, it's amazing how far we can stretch mince to, when it's bulked out with other things (I'm doing that today). Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Xx

    1. He does like my cooking, which is really nice, and it's comforting for me to be able to leave extra portions, although he eats well anyway.

  2. I love a fish finger sandwich but not thought of having it in a wrap. Now on my list to try! I think I have some wraps in my order for delivery next Thursday. Sometimes I have forgotten some of the things I e ordered so it's a surprise!

    1. You must have mayo with it - it's not nearly as nice without mayo. I suppose one could have a fish finger, chip and ketchup wrap but that would be double carbs!
      Surprise deliveries are fun!