Sunday 13 September 2020

Sunday, 13-09-20

 Good morning.
Yesterday I remembered the photos!

This was breakfast - a very sunshiny plate of pancakes with pineapple skinny syrup, topped by mango and pineapple from bags in the freezer.

This was lunch.  The fish cake was very, very nice and went well with the salad.  Satisfying.

This was a whopper of a dinner.  The cottage pie was tasty and all the side veg came from the allotment.  The very last of the carrots, almost the first of the French beans and the middle of the courgettes and they were all totally delicious.
The gravy came from when I cooked the mince and strained off most of the 'liquid'.  There was no need to thicken it and, although I don't go much for gravy, this was scrummy.

A very satisfying day's eating.

Today's meal plans.

B:  bacon, egg, mushroom and tomato
. . . a-a-and black pudding.
I found some 'less than 3% fat' black pudding in Morrisons which is three and a half syns for all four slices.  I'm just having one slice and fingers crossed it's nice and spicy.  
This really is a cooked breakfast and I ought to calorie it, I suppose.  I've just scanned the black pudding to find the syns using the SW scanner gizmo and, what a wally, turned my phone over to find the calories on the back!!!  Doh.  Anyway, each slice is 60 calories.
I will enjoy this after my swim!
SW:  one syn for the black pudding.  The rest is speed or free
under 300 calories

L:  crustless quiche, salad; apples (I'm drowning in apples!)
Beth is coming for lunch so I'm going to make a small crustless quiche for the two of us.  It will have potato, beans, courgette (all from the allotment), leeks from Dad's garden and tomatoes from my garden.  I'd love to say our hens laid the eggs too and our cows gave the milk that made the cheese but I'd be telling a little bit of a porkie!
I've just finished making it up and it's now in t'oven as I type this.  It is supposed to be quite a warm day so we can have it cold but if it turns out to be cooler than expected, it can quickly be reheated.
SW:  both my healthy extra As, two syns for some mayo
calories?  I have no idea but quiche, even crustless, isn't that low, not with eggs and cheese, so I'm roughly estimating about 400 calories to be safe

D:  cheese and onion toastie, maybe a salad or maybe something like some beetroot and some tomatoes; yogurt or kvarg
I think lunch will be my main meal so I'm having this for dinner.  The sides will be SW free, whatever I choose to have.
SW:  one healthy extra A and one B, two syns for a bit of caramelised onion chutney
Around 450 calories

Body Magic:  I have a swim booked this morning; more allotment digging this afternoon

up to three healthy extra As and one B
five syns
very approximately 1150 calories.  Happy with that!  There's room for more fruit, should I want some.  I'm not stressing about lower calories right now.  I'm sure that, come the winter months, the more starchy vegetables will push them up and things will settle where they settle.  I just aim for a nice, tasty, variety of foods each day that I know I will find satisfying.  


  1. :-) I liked it. Much nicer without great big lumps of fat!

  2. Your food looks so bright and fresh, Joy. Photogenic food! Lol

    1. Thanks, thanks nice. I love 'sunny' food!