Tuesday 15 September 2020

Tuesday, 15-09-20

 Good morning.

Yesterday's photos:  
Rather long. . .

The breakfast smoothie was really delicious.  It made two glassfuls to I need to dig out a bigger glass next time and it was very filling, a bit like a thick soup is filling, and it needed to be eaten with a spoon.  It was rather like one of those very thick milk shakes, only nicer and pretty much all good, scratch food.

I reckon you could freeze it, do a halfway bled to break up ice crystals and it would make a lovely ice cream type thing.
I used 40g each of frozen mango, pineapple and raspberries, one plum (de-stoned), 10g porridge oats, a little bit of kale (I shall add more next time), 100g 0% Greek yogurt, 150 mls semi skimmed milk and one tbsp mermaid skinny syrup (tropical citrus).
Making it couldn't have been easier - I just threw it all into my bender and pulsed.
It had 'bits', I wanted bits and, while I don't like raspberry pips, when they're all blended up they are fine and it's all added fibre, isn't it?

The lot was 245 calories and the SW count was 2 syns for the oats (or a third of a heB), just over half a heAs worth of milk and the rest is free or speed.

Remember, I don't syn blended fruit.  I think it is a silly rule, especially when I could have it whole and it's counted as free.  However, if you do, then you will need to work it out.

Lunch:  As you can see, the cheese triangles split.  They actually split well before it was very hot so I suspect it was due to the acid from the tomatoes.  After taking the photo, I pushed it through a sieve which made it better.  Next time, I'll try using my bamix to see if that will produce a smoother finish.

Anyway, it tasted great, loads nicer than it looked.

As I had Dave and Anna round for dinner, there's no photo of the finished product but the meatballs were lovely.  I used 250g of <5% beef mince and 125g pf ditto pork mince (I freeze mince in 125g amounts), 30g grated carrot, 50g grated yellow courgette (which is not as watery as the green kind) and 40g finely chopped red onion plus the little pot of spice mix.  I couldn't find my gram flour but, thankfully, it wasn't needed.

I squidged it all together and shaped it into meatballs; it made 18.  After letting them chill in the fridge, I sprayed and baked them in the oven at 160 for half an hour or so.
The sauce was some home made passata with a sliced roasted red pepper, two sliced mushrooms and the other half of the red onion plus a little splash of some white wine and some salt/pepper.  After the sauce had cooked for a while, I added the meatballs to the sauce, covered it and let it simmer gently and that was that.  It just needed reheating.

WLR tells me that the meatballs in sauce are 35 calories each if you make 18.  To that, add whatever you have with them - I had grated cheddar, posh rice and broccoli.

I was rather hoping there would be some left to freeze but no such luck - every dish was scraped empty, very gratifying to the chef, if a bit frustrating to the frugalist!
The main problem, though, was the the evening turned out to be far more alcoholic than I had expected so that's the diet blown right out of the water for yesterday.
It was lovely though!
Today's meal plans.

B:  cooked breakfast - bacon, egg, black pud and some tomatoes.  I might also spray fry a slice of bread to pop the egg on.
I really enjoyed this at the weekend and the black pudding has to be used up, doesn't it?
SW:  one syn for the black pudding, half a healthy extra B for the bread
around 350 calories

L:  Mediterrarean pizza-topped thins, tomatoes on the side; apples
This is featured in this week's Lifeline Online and looks delicious so I thought I'd give it a go.  If you have access, this (I hope) is the link.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the sandwich thin and I will add to the cheese allocation to make 45g for a healthy extra A - I can make a side of tomatoes, feta and roasted red pepper, two syns for a tbsp raspberry vinaigrette or maybe the equivalent in balsamic dressing instead.
203 calories (I've worked it out using the recipe) plus around 100 for salad and dressing

D:  katsu turkey steak, curry sauce, maybe some courgetti or grated courgette; kvarg or yogurt
I found this in - er - I think it was Morrisons but it might have been Aldi.
Half the pack is 199 calories/three syns but I'm going to have the lot and cut any rice.

SW:  six  syns for the katsu steak and half for the dessert
490 calories

Body Magic:  I had booked for a swim at seven but, after yesterday evening's indulgence, I am most likely not fit to drive yet, so I've cancelled.

one healthy extra A and one and a half Bs
nine syns
around 1140 calories

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