Monday 7 September 2020

Monday, 07-09-20 and another ponder

Good morning, everyone.  Did you have a good, healthy weekend?
As you know, I've been at Dad's and after bragging that I'd got these weekends sorted, this last one proved that there really is no room whatsoever for complacency.  In many ways it has been lovely but in the specific area of healthy eating (and drinking) it really hasn't.  I'm not going into details as I'm sure you can picture it for yourself and there's certainly no destructive recriminations but I don't feel 100% about things and today it's right back on the old wagon again except ... well, see below!

The ponder is about an 'issue' I'm having at the moment and if it is tmi, please feel free to skip the next bit.
The problem is that of intermittent constipation which sounds comic but actually it can be a real nuisance.  I drink plenty of fluid, I eat loads of fruit and veg as well as wholegrain when possible.  Sometimes I resort to things like DulcoEase but I'm not happy about this and don't want to take anything 'stronger'.
It never used to be a problem until I had my gallbladder out so I guess that is likely to be the root cause.
I can sort it by eating fatty foods which have the opposite effect but that's not something I am happy about either.
Then I remembered that I had to stop eating kiwi fruit years and years ago because of their laxative effect so I'm wondering if that would help.  Worth giving it a go, I think, and far more acceptable to me than fatty foods or meds.

What do you think? Any suggestion?
Today's food plans:
I'll check the calories properly when I get home.
B:  bacon, egg and tomato
I won't have breakfast until I get home and I want to spend time at the allotment so that should fill me up nicely.
SW:  free
around 200 calories

L:  a cheese and chutney toastie with salad; apples
Eaten after coming home from the allotment, it should keep me going until dinner.
SW:  one healthy extra A and one B, two syns for home made caramelised onion chutney.
around 400 calories

Snack:  nothing
Now this is a good thing; tuition sessions are restarting and they are at the time when I might start feeling peckish but won't because I'll be busy.  With any luck I can pretty much cut snacks for most of the term.

D: this is the problem of today's eating because grandson, Alex, is taking me and his mum out for a meal at the Hare.  I'm really looking forward to it so I will be leaving my little conscience voice on the shelf at home.  😊

Body Magic:  clearing stuff down the allotment.  Also, Lindsey gave me a bit of 'home work' and I've been doing that.

No summary today;  I have no idea!


  1. Morning Joy, I'll email you later xx

  2. I have the same 'trouble' myself. Kiwi fruit used to be good for that but not any more. Nothing seems to help except drinking gallons of water. Even that just bloats me up sometimes. I am hoping that adding the Lacto fermented veggies to my diet might make a difference. It supposedly is amazing for the gut but I will give it time to work its magic for a few weeks before I am convinced.