Sunday 20 September 2020

Sunday, 20-09-20


I don't have any photos but the meals yesterday worked out fine. 

For the lunchtime soup. I used all the split tomatoes from the allotment and Dad's garden, a leek and some rather sad little carrots, also from Dad's garden and a can of chopped tomatoes plus some chunks of butternut squash from the freezer.  I boiled it all up with a stock pot, some garlic, a few herbs,  seasonings, tomato puree, chilli puree, some soy sauce and some lea and perrins.  It sounds more complicated than it really was;  I just used what I saw really.  I blended it and pushed it through a sieve and it was really lovely.  Even on warmer days, once the leaves start falling soup feels 'right', doesn't it? 

Dinner ended up as breaded plaice, a potato waffle and some peas and I ended up within syns.  A good day yesterday.

Today's food plans:
B:  two apples and some kvarg
The apples are allotment apples which are now sweet and juicy!
SW:  half a syn for the kvarg

L:  probably cold meat and salad; fruit
There wasn't enough soup left to carry over to today, sadly.  He likes salads though - it's a good excuse to load up with all the pickles he loves so much!
SW:  probably a healthy extra A for some cheese and a B for either bread or crackers plus a syn for some mayo.  

Afternoon snack:  two babybel lights and an apple or other piece of fruit
I wish they sold babybels in sixes, not fives!
SW:  two thirds of a healthy extra A!

D:  roast chicken dinner with sprouts, green beans, roasties and stuffing
When it's just Dad and me, I don't roast a whole chicken, I use a good sized chicken breast, wrap bacon around it and roast it like that.  I have bought some stuffing mix with me and will add to it some chopped onion and the contents of one sausage.  I would normally do roasties in the actifry but this time they will go in the oven with the chicken and the stuffing.  The beans are dwarf beans from the allotment and the sprouts are from a bag from Morrisons!  :-)
SW:  now there's a question.  The chicken and the vegetables are free but I have no idea of the sausage as it's from the local butcher who makes his own and isn't happy if you mention the C word.  However, they are high meat sausages, great quality, so won't be all that bad.  I think I will say five syns for the stuffing which is probably a bit high but, to be on the safe side. . .

Body Magic:  I didn't go out yesterday so I really ought to today!

Summary:  (a very rough estimation today)
under two healthy extra As and one B
six and a half syns

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