Sunday, 26 June 2022

Sunday, 26-06-22

Good morning, everyone.
Today is a bit complicated; at least this morning is.
I am driving over to Dad's as there's a memorial service in Central Methodist for all those in the circuit who passed away during restrictions and for whom nothing could be arranged at the time.  Dad was one of those - he didn't have covid but we couldn't have anything at the time.  
When that's over, I am taking the opportunity to pop into the house and remove the very last bits and pieces that John and Gina just couldn't fit into the van.  I may as well as I'm there.
I think it should be OK though, as long as I can manage the emotions. 

I've decided that, while I won't bore you with detailed calories, I will state the totals.  I need the accountability.
Yesterday's meals:

I didn't photo breakfast as I had it in dribs and drabs but please imagine an apple, a banana and a M&S fat free rhubarb yogurt for 226 calories.

Oh, yes!  Lunch was tasty and perfect after a leisurely stroll around the parks in town.

I also had a nectarine and two little plums.
(432 calories)

Dinner was the aubergine, potato and goat's cheese gratin and it was absolutely delicious.  OK, so it looked a mess and there's things I'd add/adapt but wow.
This was dessert.  The yogurt is 5% so one and a half syns.

I also had one and a half syns-worth of Smigdin (and very nice too!).

Dinner and dessert, plus the smidgin cost 498 calories and the day's total is 1,156 calories. 
Hmmmm . . .

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I'll drive over after having an apple which always fills me up.  When I get there, I can sit in the car and have a yogurt and a bit more fruit.  Not ideal but it will work.
If I were a protein bar kinda girl, this would be the time for one, but I'm not so I won't.  It's more likely to set me off than fill me up.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  cheg salad; fruit
I will need something ready for when I get back home so this is something I can make before I leave in the morning.
SW:  one to two healthy extra As for cheese

D:  coffee rubbed steak with griddled veg; yogurt
I saw this recipe on the SW site and it caught my attention.  If you have access, here's the link.
I won't make the whole recipe, just the steak and I will add some veg to the griddle.  I want to try out the griddle pan on the Cobb so fingers crossed for good weather.
SW:  the recipe tells me the whole thing is free, no speed, no healthy extras plus half a syn for the yogurt

I think I have enough on without bothering about exercise.  I'll get some exercise loading up the car anyway.  

up to two healthy extra As
no healthy extra Bs
one syn

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