Monday 23 November 2020

Monday, 23-11-20

 Hi, everyone.

Yesterday's photos

My fruit choices for breakfast - and very nice they were too.

No lunch photo but imagine beans on toast with some grated cheese sprinkled over and you'd be right on the money!

I treated myself to some slow roasted lamb for dinner plus what you can see on the plate. The blobs on the lamb is mint sauce.
It was lovely and there's plenty of lamb left over for today

Today's plans

B:  egg on toast; fruit
Nice and simple, a spray fried egg and one slice of toast
SW:  half a healthy extra B and one syn for light butter

L:  shredded lamb and salad sandwich; fruit
Just what it says really.
SW:  one healthy extra B, one syn for mint sauce, one for some mayo, two for light butter

D:  something with leftover lamb - biryani, tagine or curry and I haven't decided yet but whatever it is, I will be adapting it for SW

Body Magic:  Step

Summary:  one and a half healthy extra Bs and five syns plus whatever I choose to have for dinner.