Tuesday 17 November 2020

Tuesday, 17-11-20

 Good morning!

I was going to have a full English breakfast but when I made the bubble and squeak mixture, it made such a lot that I ended up getting five portions.
I mashed up the root veg (potato, carrot, sweet potato and swede), added the shredded or chopped green veg plus an onion, chopped and softened and some of the chicken, shredded.  I stirred in 60g (two heAs) of grated cheese and a beaten egg plus garlic granules, cajun spice and pepper (no salt).
With that I made three patties for dinner (photo below) and pushed the rest into a cake tin to bake for about 30 mins in a medium oven.
When it came out, it smelled so good, I decided to have a slice of that for breakfast instead pf bacon and egg, with the beans that were leftovers.   It was delicious.
The total healthy extra As stays the same as planned because each portion is a bit under half a syn.

Lunch was a sort of roast dinner quesadilla.  It had some grated cheese, shredded chicken, sliced stuffing ball (one and a half syns) and some sweet chilli sauce (half a syn) and that combination worked really very well.

I slightly changed dinner.  I had the bubble and squeak patties (so good) and the veg but I made some marmite mushrooms, something I saw on a Facebook Group.  You cook the mushrooms in spray oil and then they are done, add a splash of water and some marmite (to own taste but too much will make it very salty.  When the marmite water is bubbling, add one healthy extra As-worth of primula light and stir it in.  It makes a gorgeous umami-ish sauce which would also work well with steak.  I had used both my healthy extra As so called it six syns in my food diary.

Today's meal plans are . . .

B:  gingerbread overnight oats
SW:  one healthy extra B, half a syn for yogurt and half a healthy extra A for milk

L:  chicken and veg soup
I will use leftover chicken from Sunday, plus some lovely stock from the boiled up carcass and assorted veg plus, probably, some orzo.
SW:  should be free

D:  chicken pasta bake; yogurt or kvarg
Lots of chicken right now, I know, but I have some roast chicken to use up and I don't really want to freeze any.  I will use onion, mushroom, red pepper, peas and sweet corn with passata (made with garden tomatoes and frozen in the summer), wholewheat pasta and grated cheese.
SW:  one healthy extra A and half a syn for dessert

Body Magic:  probably a walk, weather permitting.

Summary:  one and a half healthy extra As and one B.  One syn.

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