Sunday 29 November 2020

Sunday, 29-11-20

 Good morning.

Day three of Being Strict and Totally Sticking to Plan went really well.  Phew.

Not a particularly inspiring picture but it was jolly tasty and enjoyable.

I make the topping for the jacket potato with a can of tuna (spring water/drained), a couple of tbsps of super light mayo, 45g half far cheddar, grated, and, yesterday, a little bit of horseradish.  It works well.

Instead of waiting until the potatoes are nearly done before starting with the steak (and therefore not having enough resting time), I did the steak straight after I'd started off the actifry and let it rest in a warm oven for over twenty minutes and it was melt in the mouth tender.  Must remember that one for the future.  I had the peas because they were leftover from Friday.

No plans for today - or none that I want to admit to - as it's Christmas Tree Day and we're having all sorts of festive munchies.

Back on plan tomorrow, I promise.

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