Tuesday 27 July 2021

Recipe: tuna and sweetcorn fritters


Ingredients to make six fritters (two portions)
35g wholemeal SR flour (which I count as a healthy extra B)
one large egg
30g hard Italian cheese, finely grated
40g drained sweet corn
60g well drained tuna (in water/brine)
50 mls milk (I used semi skimmed)
seasonings - I used garlic granules, onion granules, chilli flakes, salt and pepper

Whisk together the flour and the egg and add half the milk.
Stir in the cheese, corn and tuna.  Then add more milk if necessary to get to a dolloping consistency.
Spray a large pan with spray oil  and heat to a medium heat.  Add dollops of the mixture with a spoon and flatten gently.  Allow to cook on one side and when they're not too 'floppy' turn them over and cook the other side.  If they are browning too fast, turn the heat down.
Serve straight away.

I have no idea if they will freeze - I'm about to try it with the three left over.  I'm guessing they will be OK and can be warmed up in the oven once thawed.

The cheese is half a healthy extra A per portion
I count the flour as a B choice so that's half a B per portion
The milk is one syn per portion (or part of a second A choice
The rest is free food

Or, according to Nutracheck, 223 calories per portion


  1. They sound gorgeous. I will try making them with almond flour and let you know how they turn out

  2. They sound delicious, just the sort of thing I like. There's no milk mentioned in the ingredients list, Joy. xx

  3. How many syns would these be please Joy?

    1. Ooops - I forgot to say.
      The wholemeal flour I count as a healthy extra B or it would be around s8ix syns. If the milk isn't part of an A choice, it is one and a half syns. The cheese is one healthy extra A and the rest is free food. But remember, a portion is half of that.
      I will edit at some point.