Thursday 29 July 2021

Thursday, 29-07-21

 Morning, everyone.

Well, yesterday I deliberately set the bar low (or do I mean high?) in that I wanted to make it as low calories as possible without feeling hungry or deprived to try to compensate for Wednesday evening's crash.
Did I succeed?  Let's see.

Yesterday's meal photos:

My breakfast fruit platter.  I didn't have the planned yogurt in the end.
It was satisfying although just before lunch my tum started rumbling a bit.
179 calories
A really nice lunch, even though it was raining cats and dogs outside.  All the cucumber and all the tomatoes were from the garden and tasted fab.
This was 176 calories.

At around four thirty, I had a nectarine for 53 calories (SW speed)
Dinner was amazing, especially the cheesy butternut squash chips.  I really ought to have them more often.  I cut the squash into chips and actifried them with some chip seasoning and spray oil.  I possibly gave them a bit too long as they started falling apart a bit or maybe, next time, remove the paddle towards the end.
I was very full afterwards, so no yogurt.
The whole lot was 528 calories

And the day's eating was 936 calories.  Way too low but this was a claw back attempt and I think I succeeded in that.
I didn't feel deprived once, the meals were all delicious and most satisfying and it just goes to show that plenty of fruit and veg really does help.  Nutracheck recorded my F&V portions as 16.4 (!) so I doubt I will miss the fibre from the healthy extra B I didn't have!

Today's plans are:

B:  overnight oats
I haven't had these for ages.  35g oats, a Muller light and assorted berries.  Nice.
SW:  one healthy extra B and half a syn

L:  BLT salad; fruit
The salad is from the new SW recipe book, Happy Days.  It makes an interesting sounding salad dressing which I will try, and let you know.
On investigating my cupboard/fridge, I have to make a few changes.  Instead of cannellini beans, I have cooked some allotment broad beans and they are currently cooling.  I don't have any sugar snaps so will use cucumber which is not an effective sub but will still be tasty.  I don't have fat free salad dressing but I do have some M&S fat reduced French dressing which is pretty nice.
SW: the original recipe is free but I have to count half a syn for the French dressing.

D:  chilli with new potatoes and either veg or a side salad; yogurt
The chilli is from the freezer so I have no idea of calories.  I'll weigh it and use a generic chilli calorie count.  I want new potatoes instead of rice because - guess what - I have some from the allotment.  I'll have some grated cheese on top and it should be delicious!
SW:  one to two healthy extra As, the chilli is free (it said so on the container!) and the yogurt is half a syn

one to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns


  1. Your food pics are always so colourful. It's certainly true that we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths, isn't it? I'm sure your claw back day will have worked.

    I'm not entirely back on any sort of diet yet, but am now making much healthier choices and back to planning meals again. xx

    1. It's a colourful time of year, isn't it? There's so much vibrantly coloured fruit and veg around and it does make a difference. I know a colourful plate of food satisfies me more.
      To be honest, although I use SW structure and check the calories, I don't feel I'm on a diet pretty much 99% of the time. It's more or less become my normal which is what I aimed for when I started. I think whatever I ate, I would have times when comfort eating took over and I gained a bit (or a lot - but it was a big thing to need comfort for this time).

      Planning meals and eating healthy options is the way to go, I believe. The rest falls into place pretty much.

  2. I can almost smell that plate of fruit. It looks so fresh and pretty. The salad looks gorgeous and I thank my lucky stars that both Tony and I love salad. I'm picking so much produce from the garden just now. Thanks for the melon link.

    1. Salad is delicious at this time of year, isn't it?
      I hope the link is helpful. xx