Sunday, 28 November 2021

Sunday, 28-11-21

 Good morning!
Yesterday was a Very Good Day to make up for my 'celebration' on Friday.  Onward and downward again now.
I did feel a bit peckish through the morning, particularly around eleven when I usually have breakfast so I suspect habit rather than real hunger.  It didn't hang around anyway.
It's good to know that I can do it, should I have a particularly busy sort of morning, and it's OK.  I'm thinking longer term here, not as a way of losing weight.

Yesterday's meals:

How I enjoyed this brunch and it was really nice to have proper sausages.  I've given up on the 'skinny' variety - I used to like them but recently, I don't know, maybe the recipe has changed but I really don't like them any more and I never did like the SW variety.  I will pay the syns for proper sausages from now on.
The hm hash browns were very nice.  Very obviously home made but they worked.

I followed this with three small easy peelers and I was stuffed!

Another filling meal.  I know it looks very beige but it was loaded with speed - those chips were butternut squash!
It filled me up and I had no room left for any yogurt.

Actually, I still feel fairly satisfied this morning!  Interesting.

Today's meal plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I have plenty of fruit, having bought loads at my weekly shop and I'm looking forward to this.

L:  roast chicken, assorted veg, roasties, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce; fruit
I was going to Beth's for lunch but she's not very well so it's been postponed until another time.
I will use the last of the cooked and sliced roast chicken that I froze a while ago.  Come the new year, I will probably get some more as it is really nice to have pretty much a re-heat-ready roast dinner - the meat, anyway!  A roast dinner is really an easy meal, it just takes time.
The pigs are the LM red onion and rosemary sausages so will serve as both pigs and stuffing.  
And finally, I will do what I often do and deliberately make extra veg so I only have to reheat tomorrow.
SW:  the cranberry sauce is one and a half syns but the rest should all the speed and free.

D:  teriyaki pork noodles; yogurt
This is the last portion from the Hello Fresh meal.  It was very tasty but not really 'special' enough to make as a general rule and quite synful.
SW:  four syns for the pork noodles (but low in calories) and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  I'm trying a Goldster session on (don't laugh) Contemporary Ballet!

no healthy extra As
no healthy extra Bs
(but it's not a unhealthy day's food!)
six syns

From the freezer:
the teriyaki pork noodles meal
LM sausage


  1. Contemporary ballet! No I'm not laughing...much! We loved our burgers last night - no bun (I'm avoiding bread), with a jacket potato and salad. Roast dinners are lovely aren't they? And I always do extra veg for another time. xx

    1. I can hear you from here - fibber!!! lol!
      I love a good old roast and, really, they are not hard to make. I think cooked veg, like many other foods, improve in flavour second day.
      Your dinner yesterday sounds lovely!

  2. Did you wear a pink tutu... :-)

    1. More like jeans and a jumper. :-)
      MIid you - a pink tutu might make me dance a bit better. lol

    2. I'd love to be a fly on the wall.. :-)

    3. Me too, to be honest! ;-)