Saturday 26 November 2022

A week in meals

  A summary of the meals starting Saturday, 19-11-22 .  As always, the photos are the mains only (usually) and there are other things, like yogurts/fruit that don't get photo-ed.

baked oats
leek, broccoli and butterbean soup
steak, chips and corn

waffle, bacon, egg and mushrooms
no lunch
roast chicken dinner

sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt
cheese and cranberry toastie
one pan smoky beans and sausage meatballs

baked oats (apple and cinnamon)
bean and veg stew/soup
sticky mango-roasted salmon with green beans and broccoli

fruit platter
cheesy marmite toast
chorizo and black bean loaded sweet potato boats

B:  fruit
L:  cheesy bean quesadillas
D:  totally forgot to photo the cottage and bean pie with sweet potato topping

no photos of the fruit for breakfast and lunch but I snapped the dinner table.

And that was this last week.  All tasty and two pounds off.  

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