Thursday 10 November 2022

Thursday, 10-11-22

 Good morning to you!  
I've been trying to indulge myself with a Sunday roast each week; quite a luxury, I know, in these more difficult times.

So yesterday, in Sainsbury's, there I was standing in the meat aisle, trying to find something that wasn't too big and which didn't make my eyes water regarding price.
I was looking at the pork and noticed that it was £1.50 off per kilo and, to my delight, I saw a pork loin joint that was long and a bit thinner that the others and which would easily cut into four one-person-with-leftovers sized pieces.
So now, in the freezer, I have four little pork roasts that are great for me and which are enough for two should Alex be over.
I celebrated by buying a totally unnecessary box of Christmas shaped pasta which I will probably still be using come next summer!

I've been looking for some 'new' recipes (there's nothing new under the sun, really) and found . . .

James Martin's mildly curried cauliflower soup
orange and five spices pork
smoky cannellini beans on garlic toast
one pot chicken with cannellini beans and chorizo

. . . all of which I will try to fit in next week, all SW friendly or easy to adapt.
I do love a good recipe search!

Yesterday's meal photos
I had a banana with this.  As it wasn't the prettiest banana in the world, I covered it with porridge.  :-)
Tasted great though!
The last of the chicken pasta soup except that I forgot to add any pasta so it was just a chicken and veg soup.  It was lovely; the flavours had developed and it filled me up so nicely I never missed the pasta!

Later on, I had an apple
This looks like a ginormous meal but most of it is speed veg.  It was nice, as was the rice pud with jam.  Yummy.

Today's plans

B:  bacon sarnie, tomatoes and mushrooms
SW:  one healthy extra B for bread and one syn for some brown sauce

L:  butterbean and roasted red pepper soup; fruit
SW:  speed and free

D:  cheesy chicken steak, assorted veg; yogurt
The idea is to use a chicken sizzler (from Aldi), layer some veg (onion, pepper, mushroom) plus some spice of some kind in a dish, put the chicken on top and bake it until the chicken is done.  Then sprinkle over some grated cheese and let it all melt over.
Should be quite nice, don't you think?
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and one healthy extra A for the cheese

E:  a Lindsey YouTube clip

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns


  1. Joy, Your chicken soup looks so delicious. My soups never look as good! Your chicken sizzler tea sounds tasty too. Sadly due to the covid, Ive stuffed all the meat I had in the freezer and have been on beans on toast and grabbed things from the fridge when IU have fancied it. A baby bel here, a slive of ham there. Yesterday I made the effort and took some fruit from the freezer, put it in my pretty glass dish and had it with thick greek yogurt,. I so enjoyed it. Tea was an easy and not too bad tastewise but struggled to geth through it and didn't have extra veg SW lasagne frozen meal from Iceland. The prices of those are creeping up but I find them so convenient to have in. I missed class due to Covid so have fallen back into the secret eating mode. ( I might just carry this comment on as a blog post today! )

    1. I found Covid made me overeat too - yes, it did, it was Covid's fault, nothing to do with me!!!
      Seriously, it is much harder when one is feeling so under the weather, isn't it?
      Is the SW lasagne nice?