Saturday 30 July 2022

Saturday, 30-07-22

Morning, everyone!
I do apologise for yesterday's very despondent post.  I really wasn't feeling great about getting on those scales, but when I did, I was surprised.  Yes, there was a gain, a fair old gain, but it was several pounds less than I expected so that was good.
It was a good meeting too, nice and cheerful, and I came home feeling loads better.

Today's going to be an odd day.  I'm out pretty much all day, at the summer wool festival at Ampthill.  We will be eating there and I have very little idea of what's on offer.  All I know is that there's a 'street food area' so I will have to wait and see.  I will be on my feet most if the day though, which is good.  Plenty of steps today!

Yesterday's meals:
Well, I took photos - good start!
I didn't have any toast in the end, just Southwold bacon and garden tomatoes.  Yum.
I also had a banana.
Tandoori chicken pitta - it was tasty and filling.

I had a pear after personal training and an apple a little while later.

I finally got round to having this after planning for several days.  I used the Schwartz Spanish chicken and rice sachet (half of it to make two portions) and I added extra veg - babycorn and mushroom - plus the tandoori chicken.  With a splash of Henderson's relish to pep it up, it was really nice.
It was supposed to use risotto rice but when I looked, I only had a bit, so I use basmati rice instead.  When I make up the other half of the sachet, I'll use risotto rice and see what difference that makes.  I suspect it will be more 'creamy' in texture.

For afters, I had a Mullerlight and that really was that for the day.
Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I'm short of time so I'll have a yogurt before I leave and take some fruit with me for later.
SW:  speed

L:  I don't know yet, it depends on what's available at the wool festival
SW:  unknown

D:  Spanish chicken and rice, side salad; yogurt
Yes, the same as yesterday - I decided to make two portions so I had it ready for today.  I'll probably be worn out and in no mood for cooking when I get home so to have something that just needs heating up is perfect.
SW:  I think this will be pretty much free with just half a syn for the Mullerlight

E:  lots of walking

unknown today

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