Monday 25 September 2023

A week of maintenance meals on Slimming World

  These photos are a resume of most of the meals I have had over the last week, mostly excluding desserts, snacks, naughty things, etc. It starts on Saturday and goes through to the following Friday because our group meets on Friday mornings.

Slimming World - restrictive?  Few choices?  Going without?   Absolutely no way!  To ne fair, I'm looking to maintain now I'm at target but I'm not changing much and I'm certainly sticking to the SW structure of healthy extras, free foods and syns because it suits me pretty much perfectly.

For details, please go to the relevant entry.   

Saturday, 16-09-23
B: fruit and baked egg custard
L salmon, lemon mayo salad
D: burger, tomatoes and chips.

Sunday, 17-09-23
B:  Autumnal fruit and yogurt
L:  roast chicken dinner
D:  cheesy chicken toastie, tomatoes

Monday, 18-09-23
B:  avocado on toast, egg, tomatoes
L:  greek style salad
D:  sweet potato curry with onion bhajis.

Tuesday, 19-09-23
B:  hm baked beans on toast, mushrooms
L:  chicken caesar salad
D:  chicken and sweet potato curry, onion bhajis

Wednesday, 20-09-23
B:  sausage bagel, baked beans, tomatoes
L:  tomato and roasted red pepper soup, croutons, salad

Dinner was penne arrabbiata and I totally forgot to photo it, sorry.

Thursday, 21-09-23
B:  fruit and yogurt
L:  toastie, tomatoes
D:  at a friend's so no photo.  It was salmon, new potatoes and veg

Friday, 22-09-23
B:  fruit platter

Lunch was out with a friend and dinner was ooops so no more photos.

And that was that for the week.

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