Friday 29 September 2023

Friday, 29-09-23

Good morning, everyone.

Weigh in again.  As always, I have absolutely no idea . . .

Yesterday's meal photos:

A nice, straightforward beans on toast breakfast.

Earlier I had an apple before SET and later I had a couple of easy peelers.
Soup and cheesy toast for lunch.

Later on, I had an apple.

Dinner was Mediterranean chicken splodge!!  And very nice it was too, way, way nicer than it looked.

Basically, it was a small, skinless, on-the-bone chicken leg portion, tomatoes, onions, pepper, mushroom, capers, olives, balsamic vinegar and seasonings.

Dessert was a peach.

Today's plans:

B:  blueberry pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup
Whatever the scales say . . . 
SW:  three and a half syns for wholemeal flour and two syns for a tbsp maple syrup

L:   chicken mayo sandwich, finger salad; fruit
I don't have any cooked chicken so I will grab a small half breast fillet and cook it specially.    I'll probably add chopped cornichons to the chicken mayo for extra ooomph
SW:  one healthy extra B for bread and up to two syns for mayo.

D:  lasagne, side salad; fruit/yogurt
I really fancy a lasagne for dinner.  Not a shop bought ready meal, a home made one with enough cheese!  
I remember a lovely lady, now no longer with us, telling me that she made a cheese sauce without any butter by mixing cornflour with grated cheese, warming up milk and, when it was getting hot but nowhere near boiling, adding the flour and cheese mix and stirring it well as it melted in and thickened.  I think I could do that in Thermione so I am going to have a go and see.  If the worst happens, I will waste a few ingredients but fingers crossed it will be fine.
SW:  pretty much both my healthy extra As for milk/cheese, a tbsp cornflour is one syn and the rest should, I think, be syn free.  It's fats that stoke up the syns/calories.

Exercise:  a walk

two, maybe a bit more healthy extra A (a target member can have more healthy extras)
one healthy extra B
eight and a half syns - assuming the butterless cheese sauce works
The Slimming World structure:
While following the plan, you can have . . .

Any amount of speed and free food - BUT try to have a third of your plate as speed food as a sub for free food, NOT as well as . . .  Eat to satisfaction, not to stuffed-ness!

Two healthy extra As (calcium) and one healthy extra B (fibre) - details in the SW pack and on the SW web site/app.

Between five and fifteen syns-worth of synned food - again, details in the pack, site and app.  They are a limit to stay within, not a target to hit.

As a target member, I can also have . . .

Another two healthy extras each day
Another fifteen syns up to three times each week
BUT - only if I need/want to.  It's a limit, not a target

. . . with the ultimate aim of not needing to count healthy extras, syns, etc at all but just knowing and eating well instinctively.


  1. We had veg soup with a cheese sarnie for lunch yesterday - soup (Heinz tomato) and a cheese sarnie was always my favourite lunch as a child. I hope weigh in was to your liking! xx

  2. I'm so pleased that we are entering soup season again. They are so easy to make and so good for us.
    It was, thanks. I was relieved. xx