Friday 1 September 2023

Friday, 01-09-23

  Good morning, everyone.   Weigh day.  Fingers crossed!

Yesterday's meal photos:

That egg custard was absolutely delicious, just what I hoped it would be.  It broke apart when I spooned it out, that's why it looks a bit 'curdled'.  It wasn't, not in the slightest.
My brothers and I use to fight over who would have the skin on a rice pudding and the skin on the egg custard was very similar.  Yummy.
The fruit was melon, by the way.

Next time, I will leave it to cool and have it as a dessert - one portion would make two helpings in smaller ramekin-style pots.

I love this soup.  It is so easy and, while it is super tasty with garden tomatoes, it is also lovely when using canned tomatoes of any kind.
And if one were feeling lavish, a swirl of cream would be 😘

(not a great background, sorry - way too fussy!)

I had to laugh at the  wrap basket.  I decided to not turn the oven on but to put the 'mould' (a brioche tin) in the Ninja instead and this is how the wrap came out.  I won't do that again.
It still tasted gorgeous though and I have some chilli left over for another time.
No dessert - I was full up.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit salad and yogurt

L:  not sure.  I think I will try and fast through to dinner time.  Not my idea of fun but then my conscience will be a bit clearer.
If I can't, I'll probably use my healthy B and have marmite on toast.

D:  Dave and Anna round for Indian takeaway.  With wine.  Decidedly off plan, I'm afraid.

Exercise:  Lindsey's 'remedial' exercises x 3

Totally off plan today.  Straight back on it again tomorrow morning.

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