Monday 11 September 2023

Monday, 11-09-23

Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to my blog where I post my meal plans and photos using the Slimming World Plan as a baseline and guide.

Yesterday's meal photos:

I got a bit muddled with this.  When I make the American style pancakes, I use SR flour and some baking powder, egg and some yogurt and then just add a bit of water, if needed.
I decided I wanted to do UK style ones and changed the flour fine, but forgot I needed more plain flour for the amount of milk.  I was trying to be 'good' and just use 20g for half a B but really I needed 30g.

Mind you, the taste was great and the apple worked really well.  I folded the yogurt in the pancakes and I will do that again as it was great.  Just too - er - yes!

Oh, well, it filled me up and satisfied me anyway.

A very yummy and flavoursome lunch.  I meant to roast sweet potatoes but when I got them out of the fridge - er, just no!  In the food waste bin.  Ooops.

So I roasted carrot, courgette, onion, mushroom, pepper and tomatoes in some toasted sesame oil (two syns) and it was so, so delicious.  The apple and onion sauce was also great with the ham.  And broccoli is always good.

An apple for dessert.

I had some roasted veg left over so I reheated them, sat the baked salmon with lemon mayo on top and had sliced cucumber and tomatoes on the side and it was just lovely.

I saw I had an egg custard left so I had that.  The milk was part of an A and one syn for sugar.

Today's plans:

B:  Tomatoes on toast, ham or egg on the side
One of my eternal summer delights is to pick loadsa tomatoes and cook them straight away and, as they've been enjoying this sunny weather, there are plenty of them around.
SW:  half a healthy extra B and one syn for half a tsp toasted sesame oil

L:  tuna melt pasta bake, maybe side salad; fruit
I planned this last week but didn't make it so here we go.  It's from the current magazine, p 57
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese

D:  chilli and rice, tomato and cucumber salad; fruit/yogurt
I made the chilli a while ago, using a JD spice mix.  It's not all that spicy so I'll probably add some chilli flakes when I reheat it.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese and, maybe, half a syn for some 2% Greek yogurt on the chilli

Exercise:  Back to classes and today is small group circuits

two healthy extra As
half a healthy extra B
one and a half syns

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