Sunday 24 September 2023

Sunday, 24-09-23

Good morning, everyone.
After two 'erratic' days, I am back firmly on plan for the next few days to re-establish the healthy habits!

Yesterday's meal photos:

I was out on a coach trip all day so meals were not on plan.  Well, breakfast was - apples and a couple of hi fi bars (for one B).  For lunch, I popped into a M&S and had a sandwich and crisps in their cafe - not ideal but I resisted the millionaire's shortbread so a pat on the back there!

This was dinner - pasta bolognaise with cheese on top.  It was what I made on Friday and didn't have and I was trying a jarred sauce I had bought from Just Spices.
It wasn't as nice as if I had used my garden grown tomatoes, but it was very nice, all the same and, as a substitute for tinned tomatoes, etc, it worked well.  I just used the plain tomato one and have half the jar left so that needs either freezing or using up soon.

Anyway - nice dinner, tasty and filling.

Today's plans:

B:  Sunday pancakes, fruit and yogurt
I didn't have them yesterday so today it is!
I have strawberries that need using up so that'll be the fruit.
SW:  half a healthy extra B for 20g wholemeal SR flour

L:  chicken escalope, corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, sprouts, broccoli; fruit
I fancy something a bit different today instead of a roast so I will use half a chicken breast fillet (the last lot I bought were so big, I cut them in half before freezing them) hammered flat, egg and breadcrumbed and spray fried (or baked in Nellie, maybe).  If it doesn't flatten that well, I can goujon them instead.
SW:  half a B for breadcrumbs, half a syn on brown or BBQ sauce and one syn for half a tsp oil on the fries.

D: crustless quiche, salad; fruit/yogurt
I know I will have sweet potato left so that can go into the quiche plus some courgette, mushroom and, maybe some roasted red pepper.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese (I will use two As but half the quiche will be for another day.

Exercise:  rest day

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns
The Slimming World structure:
While following the plan, you can have . . .

Any amount of speed and free food - BUT try to have a third of your plate as speed food as a sub for free food, NOT as well as . . .  Eat to satisfaction, not to stuffed-ness!

Two healthy extra As (calcium) and one healthy extra B (fibre) - details in the SW pack and on the SW web site/app.

Between five and fifteen syns-worth of synned food - again, details in the pack, site and app.  They are a limit to stay within, not a target to hit.

As a target member, I can also have . . .

Another two healthy extras each day
Another fifteen syns up to three times each week
BUT - only if I need/want to.  It's a limit, not a target

. . . with the ultimate aim of not needing to count healthy extras, syns, etc at all but just knowing and eating well instinctively.

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