Thursday 23 September 2021

A small Slimming World food haul

 Good morning.  I'm just back from my weekly shop (M&S and Aldi) and this is what I bought for my SW friendly meals this week.

Fruit and veg.
All standard stuff really.  The extra large oranges are lovely at the moment and I treated myself to some more figs.
Also, sadly, for the first time in months, I had to buy a cucumber as I finished off the very last one yesterday.
I still have quite a fair amount left over from last week.
The figs and the parsnips are SW free and the rest is speed.

The usual yogurts, 0% plain (SW free) and flavoured (SW half a syn) too.  I don't need milk every week but this week I do.  I can have 250mls of semi skimmed for a healthy extra A.
I treated myself to a bit of lighter creme fraiche to jazz up things - I feel soups coming on and a bit in a soup is lovely.  A level tbsp is one and a half syns.
The mozzarella is to mix with cheddar for melting.  The cheddar gives the flavour and the mozzarella gives the meltiness.  Cheddar is 30g for an A choice and the mozzarella is 40g
I was almost out of baking powder and the sauce is just a treat.  I have the chocolate and raspberry and the chocolate and orange so this competes the trio, all half a syn for a level tsp which I think it pretty good as the flavour is very intense and you really don't need much for a real hit.

Meat products:
The chicken tikka breast slices are two and a half syns for the whole pack and will work well with a salad, in a wrap or even as a nibbly snack.
The bacon is for breakfasts/evening meals and the steak is for dinner tonight.
Not much this week and thgere's plenty in the freezer and I also ought to start using up some of the canned stuff now the colder weather is approaching.

And finally, later on in the morning, these arrived.  
You can get them in Costco which is no good for me and I think they are more widely available further north but I get them at a greatly inflated price on Amazon.
I think it is better than FryLight, each can lasts a lot longer and it is much kinder on pots and pans than FryLight is.  I was down to my last one so ordered a couple more.  One of the major helps on my slimming journey, without a doubt.

And that's it for this week, pretty much.


  1. These 'haul' post are very useful so many thanks for taking the time to write them. I can't see the pack size of the chicken tikka slices, so how many meals will that pack do please?

    1. I get two good portions from the pack but three smaller ones wouldn't be stingy, I think. The whole pack is 240g.

      I'm glad the hauls are helpful, thanks so much for letting me know.