Sunday 5 September 2021

Sunday, 05-09-21

Good morning!

Yesterdays meal timings went a bit topsy turvey.  Because I took longer at the allotment than I anticipated, I didn't have breakfast until twelve which meant that I pushed lunch back to three and then really wasn't hungry enough to have the planned chicken chilli for dinner.  I suppose that's what restricted eating is designed to do - keep you more full during the eating window.
As I'd already cooked the chicken, I just shredded it and had it with some salad.

Yesterday's meals:

I can thoroughly recommend lemon and sultana pancakes.  I added some lemon zest to the mix and wow!

Now I want to try citrus flavour with lemon yogurt and orange zest.

The cheesy leek and potato bake was very nice indeed and, as you can see if you look carefully, there was a courgette (two, in fact) to cut down the allotment and yes, it went in the bake.
Dessert was two pears and a peach and then, later on, I cut up two apples from the allotment, took out all the bad bits (never, ever just bite into an allotment apple!) and ate the good bits and it was delicious.  They're pretty much ready to pick now, the bigger ones, anyway.
As mentioned above, I abandoned the plan of making chicken chilli and just had a salad instead and it was really nice, just what I needed.
As almost always, the day's food finished off with a yogurt.

The whole day was a little bit lower in calories than I would like but after Friday I think that's OK.

Today's plans:

B:  boiled eggs, lo dough triangles to dip, tomatoes on the side
I really fancy a boiled egg today - I mean two boiled eggs!  I have a circle of lo dough to use up, hence that instead of toast.
SW:  two syns for the lo dough

L:  chicken salad pitta; fruit
A nice pile of mixed leaves with various salad things around and some warmed up sweet chilli chicken plus some mayo.  Really, just like yesterday evening, in fact, but stuffed into a pitta.  Nice
SW:  two syns for the chicken (the whole pack is three and a half) and the pitta is my healthy extra B

D:  steak, pommes parmentier, runner beans, roasted tomatoes, onion chutney; yogurt
Pommes parmentier is just a posh term for mini roasties really.  Just cut a potato into 1cm dice and roast.  I will maybe add some fresh thyme half way through and it will be spray oil, not butter!
SW:  half a syn for the onion chutney and half a syn for the yogurt; the rest is protein, free and speed.

E:  watering at the allotment and some strengthening exercise at home.

no healthy extra As, ooops
one healthy extra B
five syns

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