Friday 17 September 2021

Friday, 17-09-21

 Good morning.
Friday and weigh day.  What will be, will be.  :-)

Yesterday's meals:

A scrummy breakfast consisting of two choccy weetabixes (healthy B), 130 mls semi skimmed milk (half an A, more or less), some raspberries fresh picked from the allotment, two dollops of 0% Greek yogurt and, piece de resistance, one tsp of . . .
. ., . this.

I saw it in Aldi when I did my shop this morning and, after umming and ahing, decided to give it a go.  Nineteen calories or one syn per level tsp but that goes a long way then you drizzle it over as you can see in the breakfast photo.   

I can see it being used in natural yogurt, over desserts, pancakes, waffles, ice cream . . . oh, loads of things.
I am so glad I got it, it's utterly scrummy.

Sushi and salad for lunch, followed by an apple and an easy peeler.

A fairly conventional dinner.  Nice sprouts, nice runners and the Count on Us ready meal was OK too.  Maybe a bit too herby but the chicken was generous and I ended up feeling I'd had a good meal.  Can't complain.

And the day finished, as almost always, with a yogurt.

Today's plans:

B:  pancakes or waffles with yogurt and fruit - and chocolate and raspberry sauce!
. . . of course.
SW:  one healthy extra B, one syn for the sauce, half a syn for yogurt

L:  tomato and red pepper soup with added chicken; fruit
The soup is from the freezer and the chicken needs using up.  Given that I am planning a big breakfast and a generous dinner, lunch can be lighter and it will be OK.
SW:  as far as I can tell, syn free

D:   fish and chips, corn on the cob; apple meringue
Because it is Friday, it's my go for it meal and I've been fancying fish and chips all week.  Not the chippie sort of meal but a nice oven baked fish in batter (bought yesterday from M&S) with my home made actifry chips which I like a lot more than most of the shop bought frozen chips.
I have been given cooking apples which need to be used so I'm treating myself to apple meringue.  Neither are terribly calorific and both go so well together.
SW:  the cod is ten and a half syns which is fair enough and just under 300 calories.  The chips and the corn are both free.
However, there will be other stuff as this is the naughty meal of the week so I'll certainly be outside syns and might be outside maintenance calories too.  It won't hurt longer term.

E:  I will be walking around quite a bit today.  Retail therapy sort of stuff.


  1. That al sounds flipping scrummy/ We have just eaten a bolognese pizza from the local Italian takeaway. It was so tasty but not very healthy. Ho hum we'll survive the carbs I'm sure.

    1. It'll be fine. I've been pondering things after last night and once in a while never hurt anyone, I think.