Sunday 12 September 2021

Sunday, 12-09-21

 Good morning:

Yesterday's meals:

As always, breakfast didn't disappoint and was all the better for waiting.
This time I weighed out 20g oats and added just a little water, leaving them for around an hour to soften.  Then I added 20g wholemeal SR flour, half a tsp baking powder, two well chopped strawberries, half a pot of strawberry yogurt, one medium egg and some strawberry skinny syrup, mixing it all well together before cooking on the teppanyaki.
The raspberries were from garden and allotment and were lovely.

Part way through the afternoon, I had a peach,

Dinner was the leftovers from the fake away Chinese on Friday evening.  I did notice that all the beef in the chilli beef had gone which made me smile.  It really was extremely tasty and I enjoyed it very much even without prawn crackers which, to me, to go hand in hand with a Chinese meal.
Dessert was a yogurt.
I am definitely doing all of those recipes again.  

There's a little bit of curry sauce left but not enough to be worth freezing so I will have to see if I can incorporate that into today's food in some way.

Today's plans:

B:  egg on fried bread, tomatoes and mushrooms
As mentioned before, I make the fried bread by spraying one side of a slice with spray oil and crisping up in a dry pan.  It works a treat and you get the fried bread vibe for minimum calories/syns.
I'm not sure if I will have one egg or two as they are quite small.  I'll see how I feel when I start cooking.
SW:  half a healthy extra B for one slice of wholemeal bread.

L:  sushi and salad; fruit
I'm going to try one of the packs of sushi that I froze last week.  Fingers crossed it is OK because it would be such a useful thing to have in the freezer for an easy lunch.
SW:  the sushi is two and a half syns and any mayo would be one syn max.

D:  roast chicken, runner beans and courgettes; yogurt
I'm going to do the sausage stuffed chicken thing I made several weeks ago.  When I went to Aldi, I saw that they sell chicken breast slices, similar to turkey steaks, so I got some as they will be ideal for escalopes, burgers, etc.  Anyway, I will start with a Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausage, wrap a sage leaf over it, then roll it up in the chicken and put some bacon over before wrapping it in foil and baking/roasting it (what is the difference between baking and roasting, must look it up).  I have runner beans and courgettes from the allotment but I will cut the potatoes because it's good to have one mal without so many carbs.
SW:  the main course should be syn free although I am planning to use half a healthy extra A on some grated cheese over the courgette, and the yogurt will be half a syn.

E:  work down the allotment and indoor exercise.

half a healthy extra A
half a healthy extra B
four synbs

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