Wednesday 22 September 2021

Wednesday, 22-09-21

 Good morning!

Yesterday's meals:

Fruit salad and yogurt for breakfast.

A very yummy and satisfying toastie for lunch.  I'm not sure if I prefer the apple and sultana chutney or the onion chutney in a toastie; they're both delicious.  I haven't tried the green tomato chutney yet.

Later on the afternoon I had an orange and a plum, both speed.
Not the most colourful of dinners, but this chicken, mango and chickpea curry was really very nice and it made enough to split into two portions so I have more for another day.

Dessert was a yogurt and two plums.

Today's plans:

B:  weetabix, fruit and yogurt
I'm swapping the healthy extras round today to have one A and two Bs.
SW:  one B for the weetabix, up to one A for milk and the rest is free/speed

L:  falafel salad wrap, fruit
It didn't take me long to find a falafel recipe on faithful old BBC Food.
As always, I have cut the oil and used spray oil and made the rest straight.  I used half amounts because that's what I had left of chickpeas, put it all in Nutracheck and it came out at 29 calories per falafel, which seems pretty good to me.. I used a level tbsp for shaping so they are not huge but not tiny either.
They are just finishing baking in the oven and smell really good.
SW: one healthy extra B for a wrap and two syn for some mayo (some in the wrap and some on the salad).

D:  M&S mini meal steak casserole with dumpling, broccoli, runner beans, sprouts; yogurt
It's time to try out one of those mini meals I bought last Thursday.  It's classic British food so I will teal it up with some nice green veg.  No potatoes as it includes a little dumpling.
SW:  seven and a half syns for the ready meal and half a syn for the dessert

E:  personal training with Lindsey today

one healthy extra A
two healthy extra B
ten syns


  1. I like fruit and yogurt for breakfast, although husband prefers something more substantial. We've cut down quite drastically on potatoes recently, filling up with green veggies instead. I do like a crispy roast potato or 3 though! xx

    1. Me too and, in moderation, they are fine, I think. Fortunately, catering only for me, I can make just as many as I need and no more.
      Green veggies are brilliant - dinner was so good!

  2. The falafels sound like my sort of thing. How long did you bake them for please?