Thursday 9 September 2021

Thursday, 09-09-21

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meals.

Breakfast was a nectarine, two apricots, some raspberries and a couple of apples.  The raspberries and apples were from the allotment and the apples were small and needed bits cutting off but very delicious all the same.
I do love toasties!  Very SW/calories friendly and nice and crunchy with bags of flavour.  So good.

No room for fruit afterwards.

The creamy leek and prawn pasta was lovely.  I added some courgette and some baby corn because I had both to use.
The day finished with a yogurt - as usual!

Today's plans:

B:  a cooked breakfast - bacon, egg, tomatoes (lots of tomatoes) and mushrooms
I won't be breaking my fast until a bit after eleven today so I'll want something substantial.
SW:  half a syn if I have some bbq sauce - and I probably will

L:   thick bean and veg soup, prawn cocktail salad; fruit
I know it is hot but I just fancy some of this soup (from the freezer) which is really very tasty and I will add some grated cheddar to it.  I have just a few prawns to use up and the 'marie rose' sauce is just mayo and tomato puree or ketchup and I might add some lemon juice and/or some Henderson's sauce as well.  I'll see how the spirit moves.
I'm having both plus the fruit because dinner isn't terribly calorific and I don't want to go too low.
SW:  I think the sauce will be around one and a half syns but the rest is speed and free

D:  balsamic chicken not-pasta, runner beans; yogurt
Another from the Good Housekeeping collection (the 'not' bit is what I added) which looks really nice.  However, I have allotment courgettes to use so will perhaps spiralise them instead of having pasta again.  I've looked up how to cook courgetti and it seems you mix it with a little bit of garlic and stir fry it in some oil for a few minutes.  I have the syns for half a tbsp oil as I'm using spray oil for the rest so that's what I will do.
The original recipe is here:
And I will have some of the ever present runner beans on the side too.
SW:  three syns for oil, probably toasted sesame oil for some flavour

E:  Nothing specifically organised today but I do have the calf and foot exercises and I need to water at the allotment too.

one healthy extra A
five syns

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