Saturday 25 September 2021

Saturday, 25-09-21

 Good morning.
At weigh in yesterday, I was very pleased to have lost a pound and a half.  Three cheers.  It means that starting from when I started losing weight after my gallbladder crash, I am back to my six stone loss again.  There's still a little way to go before getting back to my target range but I am getting there.

Yesterday's meals:

My usual Friday treat breakfast, raspberry pancakes with raspberry yogurt, raspberries from the allotment and agave chocolate and raspberry sauce (for one syn and a healthy extra B).

Oh, it was so good!

Lunch, sushi and salad, also went down a treat.  I had the chicken and duck sushi this time and it was fine after freezing and thawing.
Then I had an allotment pear which was just right, very sweet and juicy.
Beth stayed for dinner which was dirty Cajun fries and we both enjoyed it very much indeed.  So very simple.
I started off the chips in the actifry with oil, some Henderson's sauce and some Cajun spice.
What they were doing I spray fried onion, mushroom and red and yellow pepper, all roughly chopped and with some garlic and some more Cajun spice.
When the chips were done, I shared the chips into two oven proof dishes, spooned over the vegetable mixture plus, for me, one bacon medallion, cut into bits.  They I topped both dishes with a mix of grated cheddar and grated mozzarella and popped them in an over at 180C for about fifteen minutes until the cheese had melted.  And that was it.  I had no room left for any dessert.
Today's plans:  The restricted eating flies out of the window today

B:  a couple of pieces of fruit
I will have this earlier than usual
SW: speed

L:  potato topped steak pie, assorted veg; fruit
I'm using a can of the M&S steak which is lovely and lean and has gravy that I can drain off.  I will top the pie with some mash, enriched with an egg yolk for flavour.  I'd add some grated cheese for a healthy extra but I suspect there will be cheese in the evening.
Alex is sharing this with me so I'd better make plenty!
SW:  it should all be speed and free, even the canned steak is free on SW

D:  wedding buffet so absolutely no idea but at least I have control.  I'm a designated driver so can't indulge in alcohol which will help with making healthy choices.  Yes, I'll enjoy the food, don't get me wrong, but the older I get, the more I find what I REALLY enjoy the most is the fresh, unprocessed foods.

E:  nothing much today although I will be walking about a fair bit.


  1. Yay for the weight loss! We've had the M&S tinned steak a couple of times now, following your recommendation (it's very useful to keep a can or 2 in the caravan) and it's every bit as good as you say, so thank you for that. Enjoy the wedding and the buffet this evening xx

    1. I was thrilled, as you may imagine. I am really happy with between one and two pounds a week and my target range is getting closer and closer.
      The steak is brilliant, isn't it. Such a useful thing for when time is short and you crave something meaty.