Tuesday 7 September 2021

Tuesday, 07-09-21

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meals.

A fruity, weetabixy breakfast - very tasty.

I was out for lunch so no photos.  There's wasn't a great choice but I had cod fingers with tartare sauce in a 'rustic' roll.  No, not Birds Eye fish fingers, proper goujons of cod, fresh cooked and absolutely lovely.  Chips came with it but Beth had most of them.  I have no idea of calories but while it might be slightly above the 1300 I like to hover around, it's not going to be anywhere near the top of the calorie deficit banding.
Dinner was this Italian chicken recipe.  It was nice but very simple and I think the sauce could have had more complexity.
Still, it was really nice.
One yogurt and tha twas the day over.

Today's meal plans - and, again, it is complicated.  I have dentist first thing and then I'm off round to Beth's as we are going to a spa in Colchester today.
I think I will have a banana between dentist and Beth's and then nothing until lunch time which we will have in the spa.  Beth says there will be some healthy stuff to choose.  So . . .

B:  a banana
SW:  free

L:  eating out so I don't know.  There was no menu online.

D:  stonebaked chicken, tomato and ricotta pizza, salad; yogurt
This is one of the Sainsbury's surprisingly-low-in-calories pizzas which I rather like for tome to time.  Yes, there are nicer (and higher calorie) pizzas but these are OK.
Also I have heard that Aldi, as is their way, have brought out their own version and I want to try them but don't have any more room in the freezer.
SW:  this is under 500 calories which is good for a meal with salad on the side but a shocking twenty four and a half syns (one of the issues that makes SW a tad inconsistent at times) so it's flexible syns for me today.  I will be well within calories anyway
half a syn for some mayo and half a syn for yogurt

Exercise:  swimming at the spa

well over syns but under calories.  Go figure!

(Yes, I know that SW is about healthy choices and that's why the disparity, but it can seem a bit silly occasionally)

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