Friday 3 September 2021

This week's food haul from M&S and Aldi

 Morning, everyone.
Yesterday, my shopping list and I took a stroll around M&S and then over the car park to Aldi and here's what I bought.

First of all, loads of fruit.  I didn't get much last week so this week's haul is larger than usual.  
I got braeburn apples as they looked really nice; recently I've been getting pink ladies but I prefer braeburns really.  I keep them in the fridge and they last for several weeks, if necessary.
Both the large oranges and the easy peelers looks really good so I stocked up.  They keep for a fair time, like the apples, and make a good dessert or snack
I treated myself to both peaches and nectarines.  I do love them and they have been so good this summer but they probably won't be worth buying in a short time so - making the most of them.  Dittos for some apricots and a punnet of strawberries - they are at their nicest only for a few months really.
Bananas come as standard at the moment.  I use them when I don't have time for a proper breakfast as they are filling and sustaining, I find.  If they go over, I can freeze them and use them for banana ice cream
What else - oh, yes, M&S had pineapples on special again so how could I resist?  I'm using the one I already had and the new one will need to sit and ripen for a short time.  Ditto for the canteloupe melon.
The cooking apples are for making green tomato chutney.
Two bags of salad leaves seem to have photobombed the photo!  Sometimes I get a lettuce, sometimes I get leaves and, occasionally, both.  I'm still having lots of salads so I get through plenty of leaves.  No other salad because the garden is still giving me tomatoes and cucumber and I have peppers left over.
All of the fruit is speed or free on Slimming World.

Not so many vegetables this week as the allotment is not giving me runner beans by the shedload and courgettes.  It won't be long before the dwarf French beans are producing and then there will be the Autumn cropping broad beans.

I have a recipe for 'syn free cheesy leek and potato bake they I want to try.  I think it is from the Slimming Eats site and it looks good - hence the leeks.

I already had potatoes and onions and, again, it is all speed and free on Slimming World
I do love Aldi's sushi but it always has such a short date.  I thought I'd try freezing it and see how that works.  I've Googled and it said it will be safe but a few ingredients might go a bit funny, specifically the seaweedy bits.  We will see; I hope it works because I love a sushi lunch with salad.
I've got through a lot of chicken this last week so I have stocked up on Aldi's happy chicken, some of which I will freeze whole and some I will halve before freezing.  There's two steaks in that pack.  Both the steak and the chicken have been individually wrapped and frozen.
Finally, there's one pack of cooked chicken.  An expensive way to buy chicken but it is so handy as a high protein nibble as well as part of a salad lunch and one pack does me two meals.
The steaks are my treat meals, I use the chicken for all sorts of recipes and plan to make a curry one day next week.  I haven't planned the rest of my dinners yet but they will involve plenty of chicken, I am sure.
On SW, the chicken and the steak are protein/free as long as all the fat is removed.  The sushi ranges between one and a half and two and a half syns so I always check.  The chicken also carries some syns as it's a flavoured kind so, again, I will check and write it on the pack.

Just a bit of dairy because I got a lot of cheese last week.  The cottage cheese and pineapple will go into a salad, perhaps with a small jacket potato, given that the weather is so dull right now, and I will crack open the cheese slices for tonight's burger.
On SW, the cottage cheese is free and, I think, protein, the milk is 250 ml for a healthy extra A, the salad cream is one and a half syns per level tbsp and the cheese slices are two and a half syns per slice and I treat two as a healthy extra A.

I also bought some tins of chopped tomatoes (I get through a lot of those in soups, casseroles and other recipes and like to have a reasonable supply on the shelf), two cans of mixed beans and one of black beans.  They will all go into my storage area and are things I hate to be without.

And finally, I got some of Aldi's version of Halo Top ice cream and some prosecco - my naughties for the week!

And that's my haul for this week.


  1. I love a food shop or recipe photo as it inspires me to try something that I might not have thought of. Sushi isn't something I've tried so might have a look when we shop tomorrow.

    1. I like it very much but it isn't very keto friendly with that rice. I only started because a lady I follow on YouTube mentioned it in her vlog so I thought I'd give it a go.
      If it does work out OK, I can get the bigger packs and freeze half. They tend to have a very short shelf life.