Friday 24 September 2021

Friday, 24-09-21

 Good morning.  Weigh in this morning and I don't hold out much hope for anything but a maintain really but that's OK, a maintain is fine and I will be very happy with that.
I've been exercising a lot this week and, as they say, muscle is heavier than fat.  In other words, you can lose fat, tone up considerably, and still not lose weight because of the muscle development. 
I've tried very hard to keep my calories at around 1200 to 1,300, giving me a calories deficit of around 500 each day apart from last Friday.  I'm not happy to go much lower than that, generally speaking, although the occasional much lower day wouldn't do any harm.

No easier dinner today as I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and, although I am the designated driver and thus off alcohol, there are bound to be a few goodies I won't say no to.  So tomorrow evening will be my easier meal.  
(Easy means not so focused on syns/calories and if they go over, so be it.  It doesn't necessarily mean simple)

Yesterday's meals:

This was so very good and all for one healthy extra B or 336 calories.  Two bacon medallions, one egg, one muffin, 20g crucials bbq sauce and the tomatoes and  mushrooms.   
It kept me full until lunch which was quite a lot later than planned.

The courgette fritters with the added grated cheddar cheese were absolutely gorgeous - I can totally recommend this recipe.  I didn't use the peas that the recipe asked for in the end and I didn't miss them.  
Also, I didn't use the yogurt and chutney dip, I had some apple and sultana chutney.  Delicious.
And I was stuffed!!

Later on, I had a couple of pears from the allotment.  They were nice but still rather too hard.

I changed the veg from roasted tomatoes to dwarf French beans because - allotment produce, the first of this season.  Very nice too.  The chutney was some of my green tomato chutney which I am calling one syn as that seems to work with a lot of the commercial chutneys.  It's very nice and now I have three home made chutneys to choose from, lucky me!

I had yogurt to finish off a very satisfying day's eating.
Today's plans:

B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
As usual, my favourite post-weigh-in treat breakfast.  I love this so, so much.  
I came back from the allotment with a lovely picking of fresh raspberries so I will use some of them for the fruit
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats/flour, I will use natural yogurt with some raspberry skinny syrup and up to one and a half syns for a tbsp chocolate sauce

L:  sushi and salad; fruit
One of my packs of Aldi, sushi from the freezer plus a nice, big salad.  Lovely
SW:  the sushi, depending on what I grab from the freezer, will be between one and a half and two and a half syns and any dressing I have will be one-ish syns

D:  dirty Cajun fries, maybe a side salad; yogurt
This is definitely a treat, if not an 'easier' meal.  Here's the recipe:
although I will undoubtedly shove in more veg, just because I can and yum!
SW:  it all looks pretty much speed and free apart from the cheese which will be all my healthy As, I suspect, a mix of cheddar for flavour and mozzarella for meltiness.  Dessert is half a syn

E:  allotment work, weather permitting, plus some Lindsey exercises

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns


  1. I can't bring myself to eat anything with the word 'dirty'in front. It's daft but the very word turns my stomach. I bet it was tasty though.

    1. I have to admit, I don't like the term myself, but it doesn't stop me eating and enjoying it. It's like the term 'naked' meaning on it's own. Why? Fashion, I expect.
      It was very, very delicious. I made some for Beth too and she absolutely loved it, she really did. xx

    2. Would it help if you called it cheesy topped Cajun fries in your head? xx

    3. It most definitely would yummmmmmm