Friday 10 September 2021

This week's SW food haul

 Hi, everyone.
It wasn't a big shop this week as there was still plenty in the fridge but here's the relevant bits.

Fruit and veg:

A nice little selection, as you can see.  I still had apples, pears and oranges so they don't feature this week and it's not going to be long before the apples and pears at the allotment are ready for picking anyway - I'm already eating windfalls.
I'm still getting runner beans and the yellow courgettes are more prolific too.  So not much veg needed.
Ditto for tomatoes and cucumber.  I'm not looking forward to the day I need to start buying them again!
The potatoes are Maris Pipers for things like chips and mash.

Meat and poultry:

The steak and some of the chicken is for tonight when I feed my son and daughter in law.
I'll freeze the rest of the chicken and the cooked chicken is for salads, etc.


Just a few things this week as I got so much last week.  The usual milk.
I dearly love feta so I am sure there will be uses for it.
I thought I'd try M&S 0% fruit yogurts this week instead of Mullerlight.  They are a bit more expensive, sadly, but really nice.

Bits and bobs:

The coffee bags are a treat myself thing.  I use them in my cafetiere instead of coffee grounds and it's so much easier to clean out afterwards.  Sheer laziness, I'm afraid!
I got the crackerbread in hopes that, because it was wholegrain, it would be a healthy B but, sadly, no, it is one syn a slice.  Not to worry, I am sure the syns will cope and it is really nice and crunchy - loads better than crisps and a similar effect!

I also got some SW irrelevant bits and bobs such as some fancy Chinese rice and prawn crackers for tonight meal with Dave and Anna, some dishwasher powder and, naughtiest of all, some salted caramel sauce.
That last is for Beth's birthday 'cake' next month.  I showed her the photos from Good Food's Home Made Christmas magazine saying I might make it for Christmas and she asked could I make it for her birthday.
I won't show the picture as it is totally inappropriate for a Slimming World type blog but it looks gorgeous.  Hence the salted caramel sauce - safer than trying to make it myself.

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