Saturday 4 September 2021

Saturday, 04-09-21

 Good morning!
Yesterday's weigh in resulted in a two pound loss which I am very, very happy with.  One more stone to go and I will be right back at target again.

Come the evening I was really pleased that, even with my 'naughties', I was only just out of maintenance calories.  If I count my exercise calories (which I don't usually) I would be in maintenance range.
I reckon  deciding and getting (if needed) what I want to splash out on the day before, not after group, is the way to go for the future.  It's more controlled.  I was in charge, not the food.  That may sound a bit odd but I think at least some of you will know what I mean.

Back on it today with two new-to-me recipes to try.

Yesterday's food photos:

Coked breakfast, without the egg because I decided the plate wouldn't cope with an egg as well.  I added a dollop of bbq sauce.
Sushi and salad for lunch, followed by some fresh pineapple.

Fingers crossed for the sushi now in the freezer!
Although I say it myself, the burger was amazing!
I mixed 100g 12% mince with a bit of finely chopped onion, half a tsp of the Schwartz New York buffalo seasoning and a bit of salt and pepper and just squidged it between my fingers to mix and shape.
The burger was layered:  roll, burger sauce, leaves, cheese, bacon burger, onion relish, bacon, cheese, burger sauce, top of the roll.  Yup, a big burger but the bread coped, just!
I also added some of the same seasoning to the actifry chips.  Oh, it was so good!

Today's meal plans:

B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
Normally I would have had this on Friday after SW but I chose not to so it's top of the list today.   I have found that using 30g or oats or wholemeal flour and a smaller egg makes a much more sensible amount and I think I am going to do a bit of fiddling and make up the healthy B with 10g sultanas.  Some dried fruit counts as a B choice, not sultanas though, so it's a bit of a SW-fiddle but never mind.  The calories work!  I rather fancy the idea of some sultanas in my pancakes!
I have a wide choice of fruit so will decide nearer the time.
SW:  one healthy extra B and half a syn if I use a lemon yogurt - lemon and sultana pancakes are definitely a thing, aren't they?

L:  potato and leek bake:
This is a recipe from the Slimming Eats site and can be found here.  It's for three so I need to cut it down somewhat (I think I will quarter most of the ingredients as it looks quite a lot for one if I third them) and, as I don't have any mozzarella, I need to sub so it won't be quite as nice and melty as it should be, but that's OK.
If I get to the allotment this morning, I can add some sliced courgette to the recipe.
It's one of those in-the-oven things that takes longer to cook than the recipe indicates, so I will need to get my timings right!
A little bit of salad on the side would be nice - I'll see how it goes.
SW:  As far as I can see, just one healthy extra A so I can add a bit more cheese, if I like.

D:  chicken chilli bowl, runner beans; yogurt
Although I got this from the Slimming World site, it seems to have been reproduced here.   It has a longer list of ingredients but I have everything in and I think I will use konjac rice rather than basmati, to help with the calories.  I may very well have runner beans on the side too.
SW:  It is syn free but I have some of my second healthy extra A to spend on some grated Italian cheese to top off the chilli.

E:  nothing organised today but watering down the allotment will get the leg muscles going!

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one syn - a very low syn day today, not deliberate but probably a good idea after yesterday's syn-fest

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