Thursday 30 September 2021

This week's Slimming World food haul from Sainsbury's

 This week I went to Sainsbury's, partly because I wanted to look round and partly because there might have been petrol there, but there wasn't, it was closed.  Never mind.  It was more expensive than usual, partly because it's not cheap at Sainsbury's anyway and partly because I got extras like some nail varnish and some of the new magazines.  Even so, it's not somewhere I will shop every week.

However - see the halo?  I came out with NO NEW CLOTHES.

So - what did I get?

Canned goods:
I like to buy baked beans and chopped tomatoes in semi-bulk and, as I only had a few left, they went on the list.  The beans were fine, no problems, but the only chopped tomatoes were the terribly expensive ranged for which I am not paying so much.  However, they had these plum tomatoes really, really cheap (24p each) and all you need to do is open the tin, go in with a pair of long bladed scissors and snip, snip, snip to reduce the tomatoes to chopped status!  I was quite happy 
with that.

Spices and flavourings:
I have noticed that many of my spices have become quite bland.  They don't last for ever, even kept in a sealed container in the dark.  So I am gradually replacing them week by week.

The Henderson's  shouldn't really be in the photo as they are for Beth.  She's not been able to find any anywhere so when I saw it I grabbed!
To my shame, I discovered this week that my stock of long life milk is out of date, so I have replaced it.  The rest is the usual - semi-skimmed, yogurts, a few kvargs, some Laughing Cow light triangles and some philly light.  I don't get the lightest as it doesn't melt as well and this week I will want melting stuff.

Meat and poultry:
This is where Aldi would have been loads better as their free range 'happy' chicken is much better value but never mind.  As well as the chicken, I got the Count on Us gammon which is always really nice and doesn't have to be used until late October so it may or may not appear this week.
The cold meat is for lunches but also because, as the weather becomes damper and cooler, I start to fancy more 'meat-and-two-veg' types of meal and both the beef and the chicken underneath can be warmed up and  used in a roast dinner.

Just the one item this week.  Two of these are for me and Alex tonight for our bacon and chicken burgers and the others are now individually wrapped and in the freezer.
Last but by no means least . . . fruit and veg.
I'm still getting salad stuff, just not so much.  I got a bag of watercress (which I just love) and some mixed crunchy salad
I have veg in fridge and freezer, not to mention what the allotment is still providing, but I needed sprouts and broccoli because that's what I love, plus more Maris Pipers (I always get Maris Piper - it chips, roasts and mashes so beautifully).
I stuck to less exotic fruit this week - apples, easy peelers and a nice big punnet of plums.  Lovely!

Thinking about actual meals, I'm going to have some cold meat and salad meals but also those mock-roast dinners I mentioned and I want to focus on fish more this coming week as I seem to have an awful lot in the freezer.
The beans, the spices and the chicken are for longer term while the yogurts will do as desserts and, maybe, snacks when I do get peckish.
I think the gammon will probably not get used this week as I have cold chicken and beef.

So off I go to list some fishy meals.
Potato topped fish pie.
Salmon curry in a hurry
Breaded cod with chips and peas
Fish cakes
er . . . .  

All ideas welcome.  I have cod, haddock and salmon, I think, plus one breaded (or battered) steak.


  1. Baked fish with watercress and chilli salsa,
    fish kebabs,
    baked fish with herby crust.

  2. I like fish steaks simply baked in a foil parcel with citrus slices, fresh parsley, black pepper and olive oil for white fish, a spoonful of honey, grated ginger and a sprinkle of smoked paprika for salmon.

  3. Lovely - thank you both very much. xx