Thursday 16 September 2021

This week's Slimming World food haul

 I didn't have a lot on my list today really so I took the opportunity to stock up on some SW friendly (or calories friendly, at least) ready meals for the freezer.
As September races away, I'm finding that I am all salad-ed out and fancy some slightly more substantial lunches which could also be used as dinners so . . . the first pile is . . .

Ready meals.
I'd planned to get the sushi anyway, now I know that it freezes fine.
I'd also written '?pizza?' on the list, just like that.  I'd heard on the vlogging grapevine that M&S had some pizzas under 500 calories which might not be SW-compliant but were OK in terms of the calories.  And they did.  

The first is a 'wood fired spicy chicken arrabbiata' pizza for 432 calories or 21.5 syns (ooops) , the second is 'salami firenze' pizza in the same range for 438 calories or 22 syns (more ooops) and the third is 'meltingly good cheese and tomato stonebaked mini pizza' for a measly 378 calories or 19 syns (slightly less ooops).
They all look really nice, I will try them and let you know.  The last, in particular, would perhaps benefit from some added veg such as pepper or mushroom but that won't add much to it.

I also found some mini-meals - lamb hotpot, steak casserole and chicken casserole.  They don't look huge but I don't want huge, I want tasty, as I will always add veg to the meal.  They range between 250 and 300 calories or five to ten syns so that's good and will, I hope, give me satisfying lunches.

I also found a couple of reduced Count on Us meals and battered cod for tomorrow night's treat meal.

The sushi was from Aldi and the rest from M&S

Yogurts and some West Country cheddar which I really like plus the usual mixed size eggs which I know aren't dairy.  Not so much this week as I have plenty to use up.
The yogurt is the zero fat kind and they do three flavours; vanilla, strawberry and rhubarb and I love them all.

All from M&S

Fruit and veg
To my delight, they had sprouts back in.  I know they won't be great yet, it's early in the season, but I dearly love sprouts!
I also got a corn on the cob (not in the photo), a bag of salad leaves (from Aldi), carrots, bananas, easy peelers and some strawberries which still seem quite nice.
And I forgot to photo this - a pack of four figs, nice and ripe.  I need to look for recipes now . . .
Bits and bobs
Some yellow mustard seeds for a chutney I want to make, some mincemeat for Christmas, some coffee bags (very nice coffee), some sparkly stuff for my treat meal and, lurking behind, some Essentials wholemeal bread from Aldi (because you get two slices for your B choice).
More bits and bobs.
A couple of cans of mixed beans - soup weather is rapidly approaching and they make a great addition to a veg soup.

And a very much an impulse buy but I'm glad I did, the chocolate and raspberry sauce.  I had it on my breakfast today and it's lovely.  16 calories or one syn for a level tsp and the flavour is so intense that a tsp goes a long way.  Guess what I will be having on my pancakes or waffles this weekend!

So that's this week's haul.  I'm now looking forward to the meals!



  1. M&S food hall is fast becoming one of my favourite food shops. As well as lovely food, they do some great reductions (early morning is good for those, I've found). And the staff are wonderful - cheerful, friendly and so helpful. I'll look out for those pizzas, thanks for the heads up Joy xx

    1. That's interesting because I usually find reductions and go early morning.
      Yes, all their staff are great, I think. Cheerful and polite. It makes it a good experience.

  2. I've never had bread from Aldi. I've been using the Tesco Nevills wholemeal bread but fancy a change. In your opinion how does the Aldi one compare on taste, please?

    1. I think the Aldi one is like the Tesco one - they are both OK but I prefer them toasted or whatever, not just as bread. I really prefer the Morrisons medium wholemeal, personally (and that's two for a B choice too) but I'm not always in there when they have it.