Sunday 26 September 2021

Sunday, 26-09-21

 Good morning.
Yesterday was a real jumble.  I would like to say I was 'good' at the wedding but, as often, there wasn't much to be 'good' with.  However, being the driver, I stayed off alcohol apart from a very diluted Pimms at the start so probably wasn't much over total calories.  We won't mention any syns, OK?

Yesterday's meals:
No photos, so sorry - it just wasn't that sort of day - so verbal descriptions only.

I skipped breakfast.  I wasn't hungry and it was a very busy morning one way and another.

Lunch was a proper dinner.  I made a steak pot pie by opening two cans of M&S chunky steak (I was feeding my grandson and he has a big appetite), straining the meat off from the gravy and putting it in the bottom of an ovenproof dist.  I boiled some potatoes and mashed then with my ricer which always makes the best, adding an egg yolk and two light Laughing Cow cheese triangles.  I spread the mash over the steak and baked for half an hour and it was delicious.  With it, we had carrots and broccoli.  I had a quarter and Alex finished off the rest!

The wedding buffet was scrummy, nice and fresh and beige!  To be fair, here was a bit platter of crunchy salad veg to have with a dip so I had plenty of those without the dip, but let's just say I enjoyed it!  One small Pimms and then diet coke.

Today's plans:  moving on!

B:   eggs on toast with mushrooms and tomatoes
One slice of toast is enough for this, cut in half and with two eggs.  Filling, as I know from experience.
SW:  half a healthy extra B

L:   chicken tikka breast slices, small jacket potato, salad; fruit
I have some cooked chicken to start using up and I really fancy a bit of jacket potato today, with some super light mayo and a couple of light cheese triangles.  Sounds awful, tastes wonderful (I think) and I am really looking forward to it.
SW:  the whole pack of chicken tikka slices is two and a half syns so I'm going to have 100g and call it one syn.  The mayo will be two syns and the cheese triangles half a healthy extra A

D:   either corned beef patty with assorted veg or chicken pot pie and veg; frozen fruit foam
I have leftover gravy, mashed potato and broccoli to use up and I'm torn.
I could make another pot pie in the same way as yesterday, using a can of Aldi chicken in a white sauce which is one syn for the whole can or I could open a can of lean corned beef (two and a half syns for 100g), mix some of it with the potato and some onion and seasonings and make one or two patties which I would fry with spray oil until nice and golden on the outside.  To either, I will add some grated cheese as I have healthy As to use.
I don't have to decide until later so I might work out the calories for the day and see how they look.  Certainly, I have the syns for either and both 'excite' me - my way of deciding what to go for as, if it doesn't jingle the excitement bell, it's not likely to satisfy me.
Then I have a left over egg white so I can make the frozen fruit foam, probably using black cherries.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for some cheese (won't need more) and either one or two and a half syns for the main course.  Dessert will be free.

E:  circuit exercises

one healthy extra A
half a healthy extra B
either four syns or five and a half syns, depending on which dinner I go with

What would you choose?

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