Friday 3 September 2021

Friday, 03-09021

Good morning.
Weigh day today.  As always, I will let you know tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed.
I've started exercising more this last week so I don't know whether it will have a positive or negative effect on the scales in the shorter term.

I will have my usual splash out tonight for dinner and consider it a price worth paying.  If it results in a half a pound less gain on the following Friday, then so be it, because it keeps me on track rather nicely the rest of the time, knowing something really nice is coming up.

Yesterday's meals:

Very quick and simple breakfast.  I was pushed for time after a hearing aid drama so this was just perfect.
Lunch was leftovers from the night before plus some crumbled feta and it was lovely.
I followed it with two plums, some pineapple slices and, later on, a nectarine.  Probably too much but it was so nice.
Delicious sinner.  Yes, the broad beans look a bit scorched - that's because they were.  I let them boil dry.  They were OK though, after a good rinsing to wash off some salt!  I certainly wasn't going to waste them.

The day ended with a toffee Mullerlight.

Today's meal plans:

B:  cooked breakfast of bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes
I usually have pancakes so similar on a Friday but I want to save my healthy B for dinner.
SW:  all speed and free

L:  sushi, salad; fruit
I love the sushi you get from Aldi and I will have the chicken and duck sushi today.
SW:  one and a half syns for sushi and the rest will be speed or free.

D:  cheeseburger, chips, salad; ice cream
I've been craving burger and chips with plenty of trimmings all week.  I will make the burger with 5% mince and use some of my New York spice mix which is really nice.  I'll top it with bacon and cheese, make some burger sauce to go on it and some actifry chips to go with it.
The burger sauce is just equal amounts of mayo, tomato puree and mustard ketchup and it's really lovely.
SW:  A bit tricky, this.  I think the 12% mince will be two syns, the spice mix half a syn and the burger sauce two and a half syns.  The roll is my healthy extra B and the cheese will be my healthy extra As (both of them).  The ice cream (halo top or Aldi equivalent) plus a half bottle of prosecco will take the whole meal way above my syns but, probably, will stay more or less within maintenance calories.  This is an instance of where calorie knowledge can be helpful.

E:  I'd like to go for a swim today, all being well.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
Lord only knows how many syns!

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