Tuesday 14 September 2021

Tuesday, 14-09-21

 Good morning.

Yesterday's meals:

The breakfast wrap (omelette!) was gorgeous.
I know I am always saying meals are lovely/tasty/gorgeous/etc but that's because, generally, they are.  One of the good things about cooking for just me is that I can have just what I fancy so, of course, I make choices that I know I will enjoy or which get me excited.

Eggs are such a slimmer's friend.  This whole meal (plus the two tomatoes for garnish and a bit of spray oil) came to 186 calories.  it was filling, plenty of protein from the eggs and loaded with good vegetables.  You can't go wrong with this really, can you?

A nice, satisfying lunch after circuit training.
I thought it was the last portion of soup from the freezer but it wasn't, there's a few more pots in there so that's good.  It's very thick so I could add some cooked meat to it and turn it into a casserole, if I wanted.  I love a bit of flexibility!
I added some of my onion chutney (half a syn) to the toast before covering it with the grated cheese and melting it so it ended up a bit like an open toastie.  Very tasty!
I had an apple and two easy peelers later on in the afternoon.

I really liked having the chicken, bacon and cheese in half a pitta pocket.  I think I preferred it to a roll, to be honest with the added advantage that it was just half a B choice.

The day's eating finished with a yogurt.

Today's plans:

B:  breakfast pitta
I'll have to have breakfast earlier than usual because I need to be at my friend's for eleven.  Once I'm there, I can't nibble at anything.
I have half a pitta left over from yesterday and I'm thawing two M&S low fat cumberland chipolatas.  I'll have them in the pitta with some sauce and some tomatoes, I think.  Nice.
SW:  half a healthy extra B, one syn for the chipolatas and a maximum of one syn for the sauce

L:  eating out
As mentioned above and she knows I do SW so she will be kind.
SW:  unknown at present

D:  chilli con carne, konjac rice or runner beans; yogurt
I have bits and bobs to use up so chilli sounds just the thing.  I might add some beans to the mix and I might not, it depends on how much the added veg makes and whether I want it to make one portion or two.  I don't have to decide until the last moment anyway.
Also, I might have runner beans instead of the rice - the calories are about the same so, again, see how I feel later.
And I might have grated cheese or not too.
It's an awfully vague meal plan, isn't it?  Really, it all depends on what I have for lunch.  It's all nice anyway.
SW:  one syn for the rice, one healthy extra A for some cheese, perhaps, although it depends what was on offer for lunch and half a syn for dessert

E:  rest day

unknown today because of lunch out.

*Having said that, they do dry beautifully and I am still using some that I dried two years ago - fiery and delicious!


  1. I love looking through your food pictures for inspiration. It never fails to make my stomach grumble with anticipation. I had blackberry pancakes for breakfast and very tasty they were too.