Thursday 30 September 2021

Thursday, 30, 09-21

 Good morning, 

Yesterday's meals:

Here's breakfast.  It doesn't look enough to be satisfying but, believe me, it was.  I tend to eat beans on toast like pate - not all mushed, but a few at a time on the toast and eat just that bit.  I know from experience that they slower I eat, the more filling it seems and I so very much enjoyed this, simple as it was.

I've just realised - this was supposed to be cheesy beans.  Ooops.

I changed lunch a bit.  When I went to the freezer to get the daily supplies, I remembered that I have some bean and veg soup so, instead of baked beans or salad, I chopped the chicken and added it to the soup to make a thick sort of casserole and it was very good with a faint spice to it

During the afternoon I binged on fruit - three easy peelers and an orange.  Delicious!

I don't have a photo of dinner because Beth was round but it was as planned, no dessert and very nice indeed.

Today's plans:

B:  something to use up the baked beans, maybe with some bacon and egg
SW:  probably all free

L:  sushi and salad
SW:  two syns for the sushi and maybe one syn for some mayo.

D:  chicken burger, salad; yogurt
It's been the week for family meals.  First Dave and Anna on Monday, then Beth last night and tonight grandson Alex.
I'll do a chicken burger for each of us, using chicken fillet dusted in  spice in wholemeal roll for me, with some bacon and with some salad on the side.  I'll do chips for Alex but I'm really all chipped out this week so none for me.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the wholemeal roll, perhaps  and half a syn for yogurt.  Up to three syns for sauces of various kinds.

E:  personal training today, changed from yesterday

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
six and a half syns


  1. Love beans on toast, the simplest things are often the nicest. xx

    1. They are so warm and comforting and tasty, aren't they. And dead easy to get onto the plate! No faffing around.