Friday 10 September 2021

Friday, 10-09-21

 Hello, everyone.
Weigh day today at Slimming World.  I'm not too fussed this morning.  I've had a great week's eating, I've managed to contain two lunches out which I am extremely pleased about, I've exercised and I've logged all my eating apart from those lunches because I didn't have specific amounts.  And I can get back in my size 10 Tu jeans - just!
If the scales don't play ball, tough!  :-)

This evening is my 'easier' meal and I have Dave and Anna round for a meal.  All planned and thought through and, while it will make a dent in both syns and calories, it won't be all that bad really!

Yesterday's meals:

Good old egg and bacon for breakfast.  Always a big hit!

I ought to have prawns a bit more often.  I've really enjoyed them the last two days.
I totally forgot that I was going to have grated cheese on the soup but I didn't miss it in the slightest.
Then I had a couple of little windfalls from the allotment (well cut about with plenty of bits removed) and a peach.

Because I had breakfast late, I had lunch late and simply wasn't hungry at dinner time so I just had some Ryvita crackerbread for a bit of crunch and texture and it did me absolutely fine.

Today's meal plans:

B:  choccy weetabix with fruit and yogurt
I like waffles or pancakes after weigh in usually but today I fancy weetabix!
SW:  half a healthy extra A for milk and half a B for one weetabix.  Half a syn for the yogurt

L:  I am umming and ahing about having any lunch with such a big meal coming up in the evening.  I'll see how I feel and might make it something like spready cheese on cracker bread or something.
SW:  if I have that, the crackerbread is one syn per piece but doesn't count as a healthy extra and the spready cheese will be half a healthy extra A

D:  Chinese evening
Not quite as bad as it sounds.  As already said, Dave and Anna are round and I'm making two Chinese type dishes.  One is a Chinese curry made with that Mayflower curry powder and the other is the crispy chilli beef I made several weeks ago and really loved.  I can pretty much make both in advance which is good.  I have cheated a bit and bought two different rice cartons, egg fried rice and 'special' fried rice.  Both will whack up the calories but never mind.  I've also got some prawn crackers and dessert is nice fruit.  They are bringing the wine so I am expecting a good time will be had by all.
SW:  no idea and not stressing!

E:  apart from whizzing around in the kitchen getting stuff ready, probably not a lot.  I might walk to SW seeing as my calves and ankles are so much better, that would give me a bit of exercise.

Not relevant today.  :-)

Back on the straight and narrow tomorrow.


  1. Good luck for weigh in - you shouldn't need it though as you've coped so well this week. And enjoy your lovely Chinese with family tonight xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I'm really looking forward to this evening. xx