Tuesday 30 May 2023

A Slimming World shopping haul

I haven't done one of these for months so I decided it was about time I did.  I'm now trying to just shop twice a month (maybe with a top up for fresh stuff, if needed) and I do have some stuff left which has now been placed at the front to get used first.

So . .  off we go!

First of all, salad veg:
Tomatoes, leaves, cucumber, celery, peppers and radishes.

I also use raw carrots, cauli and cabbage in salads.

I am looking forward to picking my own home grown tomatoes and cucumbers in a couple of months.
I got quite a lot this time, since I discovered the glass jar hack and also because there's more choice as sprint turns slowly into summer.

I wonder what my garden strawberries will be like.
I was quite low on all sorts of veg so - potatoes, sweet potatoes, two cabbages (red and white), cauliflower, carrots, green beans, broccoli, baby corn and mushrooms.
Loads of speed veg there.
Dairy and eggs.
Lots of eggs - I do seem to get through an awful lot of them.  I also treated myself to some lighter creme fraiche which I will need to syn, of course, plus the usual yogurt and milk.
Packets and stuff.
I prefer the tins of mixed bans to the mixed bean 'salad' (not the least salady!) and a couple of cans will do me a while.  The pink pickled onion was recommended - it's shredded red onion in a sweet spiced liquid and it's really rather nice.
I needed replacement SR flour, basmati rice, noodles and baking powder and, although I had some dishwasher tablets, now I have enough to see the month through and some!
And finally - meat.
Apologies for the jelly - I missed it out of the last photo!

Not a lot of meat as there's plenty in the freezer.  I split the pork mince into 5 x 100g amounts for one-person convenience, and the bacon medallions are split into two rasher portions.
Both then go into the freezer for whenever needed.

I was really pleased that it was less than expected and even more pleased that I was able to pay with what's left of this month's money.  Win win!

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