Wednesday 10 May 2023

Wednesday, 10-05-23

Morning, everyone!
The week seems to be passing so quickly!I can hardly believe it is weigh-in in two days.  Thankfully, apart from coronation stuff, I seem to have been on plan pretty well.
I was specially pleased that a fairly worrying weekend did not turn into any sort of comfort scoffing.

Still loving the wide range of meals that work with Slimming World, still loving the regular internet and magazine trawls for 'new' recipes.  I've said it before but how can anyone say SW is boring and repetitive?  I just don't get it.

Yesterday's meal photos:

For once, the omelette didn't tear as I folded it over.  It was really lovely and very filling.

I had a banana first thing before Groove and the omelette, etc, after Groove.  

Lunch was a bit of a muddle.  I had just started making it when the meter team called to install my smart meter so I had to stop.  It took longer than expected and the power was off.  Fortunately, the bacon had cooked and the bread had half-toasted.  I decided to forget about the egg and the onions and made it up without them.  If you make this, using the SW recipe, don't, for goodness sakes, make the dressing using what it says - half a tsp mustard powder.  It was horrible.  Fortunately, I tasted it and chucked it, making it up again - one tbsp super-light mayo, one tbsp 0% Greek yogurt and some dijon mustard and that made a most delicious dressing.  I will remember that for future sandwiches instead of butter.
Anyway, despite the adaptations, it was really delicious and filled me up, good and proper!

It looks rather boring but it was lovely.  Lamb and bean hotpot - I used leftover baked beans with the sauce rinsed off.

I have half left over so that will do nicely as an easy lunch today.

No yogurt - I was very satisfied with what you can see.

Today's plans:

B:  bacon, egg and hm hash brown stack, mushrooms and tomatoes
I fancy a hearty breakfast today and this one should fit the bill.  I might not make the hash browns, I'll see how I feel when it's time.
SW:  syn free

L:   leftovers of lamb hotpot, broad beans (also leftovers), roasted med veg; fruit
What it says!  It was lovely last night.
SW:  one syn and half a healthy extra A (for the grated cheese on the hotpot)

D:  braised balsamic chicken, vegetables; yogurt
I found this recipe while I was strolling through some Readly magazines.  I think it was either an Irish or Australian recipe, I can't remember now, but it looked nice, adaptable and I have all the ingredients in.
I haven't been able to find the exact recipe online, sorry.  I'll describe the method tomorrow.
SW:  as I will be using spray oil, this looks to be syn free

Ex:  personal training

half a healthy extra A 
no healthy extra Bs
one and a half syns - which seems very low for a good day's eating but no worries!!

Cherie - I have found a recipe that uses avocado chunks and will try it on Friday and feed (groan) back to you in here.

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