Monday 15 May 2023

Monday, 15-05-23

Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meal photos:

A sort of tattie scone with egg and flat sausage plus tomatoes on the side for breakfast and it was really delicious.

Lunch was also very nice.  Simple too.  I didn't make a pineapple salsa in the end, just got some pineapple out of the freezer.  Dessert was an orange and later on in the afternoon I had some very juicy melon that needed using up and five strawberries.

When I planned sandwiches for my evening meal, I did wonder if it would be filling and satisfying enough.  After all, I usually have my 'main' meal in the early evening.
I didn't need to worry - it was absolutely delicious and very filling indeed, especially when finished off with a lovely, sweet Smitten apple instead of a yogurt.
So good!

Today's plans:

B:  bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato
Just a typical syn free cooked breakfast
SW:  syn free

L:  beans on toast; fruit
Very simple and comforting!  I'll probably spread some marmite on the toast for extra ooomph!
SW:  one healthy extra B

D:  Tiktok pasta, possibly a side salad; yogurt
My version of it anyway.  Lots of tomato, some onion, garlic, seasoning, maybe some red or orange pepper too with feta in the middle, spray oil roasted until the veg is roasted.  Cook some pasta and mix the whole lot together.  The feta should sort of melt into the roasted veg and pasta.
SW:  two healthy extra As (assuming I have that much feta left) and half a syn for yogurt

Ex:  circuits at Shimmy Studio

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
half a syn


  1. I haven't had beans on marmite toast in ages. It's a great light lunch isn't it.

    1. It is but you know what - I totally forgot about the marmite - and it was still scrummy!! xx