Saturday 6 May 2023

Saturday, 06-05-23: Coronation day

Good morning, everyone.  Happy Coronation Day! 

I was so pleased at weigh in yesterday.  Yes, I gained, but only half a pound.  That, under the circumstances, is a miracle and I am very thankful.
I've dug out a pair of my size 10 jeans that I haven't been able to get into for ages - I expect them to still be a bit too tight but will use them as a measure of progress through May and June.

It's going to be a bit 'feasty' today but I accepted a personal challenge to make it all as SW friendly as possible and, although it is certainly not totally on plan, it could be so much worse!
I'm not a monarchist but, on the other hand, I'm not an anti-monarchist either.  But I do like an excuse for a feast and I've enjoyed the challenge!
Yesterday's photos:

I used three eggs and various veg plus some cheese to make five low syn, high protein eggy muffins.  I had three for breakfast and saved the other two for later on in the afternoon, to nibble if I got a bit peckish.
I really enjoyed this.  I didn't make coleslaw so I drizzled the salad cream over the potato before adding the cottage cheese because one of my naughty pleasures is potato and salad cream.  Not mayo - it has to be salad cream.

It filled me up so I didn't have any fruit.  Nor did I have the mini-muffins, now called quiche because they will do for my posh 'tea' today.

The chorizo really added a great flavour to the burger and I am looking forward to the meatballs made with the rest of the mix.

Overall, it was a carby day and today won't be much better but I can cut the carbs over the next several days so no worries.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit
The rest of the day is maybe a bit heavy so I will keep breakfast light and easily digested.

L:  Coronation lunch; sandwiches, mini quiches, scone with yogurt and jam, fruit salad, strawberry and elderflower presse
You have to, don't you, on such a special day as today?  I do have some frozen clotted cream but I think I will use yogurt, sweetened up with vanilla and sweetener.  I really love it and you don't need much for one scone (OK, two halves!).  
I have some strawberry jam left over from my party, but the small amount I will use is fine with SW.
A few days ago I made a little batch of scones that are now in the freezer so I will have one of those - the one thing that's not really SW friendly.
I will also make some soft cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, just little crustless ones, with a simple little salad on the side.
I was going to make my own version of a mini Coronation quiche too, but I have two minis left from yesterday so they will do nicely.
Fruit salad is fruit salad.  Speed and free and so delicious.
That, with the presse (labelled 'light' and really low in calories and, therefore, syns) should make a feast fit for a Coronation, don't you think?
SW: the bread will be my healthy extra B, the mini quiches don't have enough cheese to count as an A even,  I have no idea about the scone and don't intend to work it out, ditto the jam.

D:  Coronation chicken jacket potato, salad; trifle
Coronation chicken is easy to make and will be fairly SW friendly too.  Again, you just have to!
It won't be a real trifle for afters, just fruit in jelly and 0% yogurt made custardy with vanilla and sweetener.  It's surprisingly tasty.  I don't have any sprinkles so I will decorate the top with strawberries and blueberries - coronation colours!
I'm going to make a small jug of the Slimming World not-Pimms.  It sounds awful but is really good and so close to the real thing people have thought it is.  It's diet lemonade with a little balsamic vinegar, plenty of ice, berries, cucumber and mint.
Here's a link to a YouTube clip.  

SW:  some dried apricots (if I use them) can be another healthy extra B, mayo will be around two syns-ish, probably a bit less and the rest will either be free or minimal - plus half a syn for some jelly, of course

Exercise:  nothing planned but I might go for a nice walk, weather permitting.  However, I guess I will be stuck in front of the telly for much of the time.

Really don't know but I have a proper-back-on-track day planned for tomorrow so any damage will be minimal.


  1. A tiny little half a pound gain is wonderful, well done you, I'm so pleased for you. xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I couldn't quite believe it and was to happy. I've never been so happy with a gain before. lol. xx