Wednesday 17 May 2023

Wednesday, 17-05-23

Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meal photos:

As planned, I had the banana before Groove and these fruits at around ten thirty.  As hoped, they were very satisfying and kept me going until lunch.

Lunch was at the Pizza Express with Alex.  I chose a chicken Caesar salad  but it wasn't very nice.  I've just deleted about twenty lines describing why it wasn't nice but I've deleted them and will move on.   A bit disappointing, really.  However, Alex really enjoyed his pizza so that was good.  
I'm going to estimate it was around 550 calories as I didn't eat much at all although that's probably on the high side.
Drink was a diet coke - that was nice.

I had a pear when I got home as a snack as lunch hadn't been terribly satisfying.  Poor old me, can you hear the violins?  < grin >

Dinner was much nicer and I added some noodles to the dish too.  I finished off with a Mullerlight and the whole dish plus the yogurt came to 364 calories

As far as the calories went . . .
B:  252 calories
L:  550 calories (est)
Snack:  53 calories
D:  364 calories

Total:1217 calories.  Wow, that's lower than I expected.

I am SO glad I'm back on Slimming World today.
Today's plans:

B:  coffee, banana and blueberry yogurt pot, sprinkled with mixed seeds
I found this in a SW book, Cook, Slim and Save.
SW:  one syn for a level tsp mixed seeds

L:  sweet potato and chick pea falafels in a salad wrap, salad on the side; fruit
This is the recipe I will use:
I don't have just sesame seeds so I will use a tsp mixed seeds instead.
SW:  one healthy extra B and one syn

D:  salmon, new potatoes, peas; yogurt
A nice simple meal, hard to get wrong, really.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

Ex:  personal training

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns


  1. I bet those sweet potato falafel were tasty. I'd probably wrap them in big lettuce leaves to reduce the carbs.

    1. I've just had my lunch and they were absolutely gorgeous. Really, really lovely. Dead easy too. I'll rave about them in tomorrow's post, without doubt. :-) xx