Tuesday 16 May 2023

Tuesday, 16-05-23

Morning, everyone!

 Today has the potential to be a disaster.  My birthday present to Alex is lunch in town followed by some spending.  He's chosen Pizza Express which is his favourite place since Pizza Hut closed.  Unfortunately, Pizza Express isn't all that SW friendly as far as syns are concerned.  I could just have an off plan day but I don't want to!
The alternative is to do a calorie counting day instead - that might work better than trying to work out syn which looks pretty impossible really.  Yes, I think I will do that!  So, let's allow 800 calories for lunch, have a very light breakfast and see where I am before dinner.
Yesterday's meal photos:

A nice, filling breakfast before circuits.  I hadn't planned to have  beans but I'd planned beans for lunch and, looking at the planning for the rest of the week, didn't want any leftovers.
So I added some beans and very tasty they were too.

Very simple, very easy and I totally forgot about the marmite.  Doh!!!

Then I had a pear and two easy peelers.  

Finally, the (sort of) Tiktok pasta which was simple, un-fancy and absolutely scrumptious.  That's all I can say really.

Then a yogurt and that was the end of the day's eating.  

Today's plans:

B:  a banana before Groove and then an apple, a pear and an orange - all are speed fruit and are fruits I find quite filling and satisfying.
I have weighed out what I'm having and it's 152 calories.

L:  Whatever.  
I've looked online and, for my calorie limit, there's a good choice, even allowing for their figures being a tad on the optimistic side.  I'll let you know what I choose tomorrow
Looking at breakfast and dinner, 800 calories would work a real treat.

D:  sticky chicken stir fry; yogurt
I googled chicken recipes under 300 calories and found this
I will have to adapt it - for example, I will use spray oil and use mixed frozen stir fry veg instead of the individual vegetables. 
Run through Nutracheck, without rice but with a Mullerlight for dessert, it comes to 262 calories

Counting calories, just for today, has helped me out, but I am SO GLAD I don't have to do it all the time!

Ex:  Groove class and walking around town

No idea yet but it should be within 1300 calories

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